Monday, 13 February 2012

`2nd May, 2004 : `A Triumphant Escape

I and Anshi drove through the roads of the hill station. Anshi is my cousin, a little younger than me. We reached a huge villa which seemed haunted to us. Since it was pouring outside, we thought it better to go and seek shelter inside. As we opened the gate and went inside, we flinched as the door closed behind us with a bang.
We were apprehensively making our way in, when a loud cackling sound made its way to us from the depths of the villa. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a woman clad in a black sari began to make its way towards us. She had four teeth sticking out of her mouth. Two curling upwards, and two downwards. With paws instead of hands, she very well managed to scare the hell out of us. We fainted out of fright.

When we opened our eyes, we were in a dark room. There was an old lady sitting there reading a book. It was  very weird. We were bound with ropes. We tried to get rid of them and were soon free and began to escape.
The Dracula from earlier saw us and started chasing us. Soon she had caught hold of us, and then took us to a shelf which held a variety of spices. She asked us to tick the ones we wanted, but then took hold of the pencil in our hands and crossed them all out herself.

Then suddenly we found ourselves in a long line with lots of other children, clad in a school dress. Down there I met my sister. We were taught how to eat, and were given a pastry and a cream roll. After eating them, I and Anshi again found ourselves bound with the same roped from earlier, sitting in the same dark room. The old lady still sat there reading her book. We cut our ropes, took all the spices, and ran away.

We managed to reach the gates of the villa, and opened it. We saw a car advancing towards the villa, and ran to it for help. But it had been summoned by the Dracula, who then again caught hold of us. Then there was sudden change in Anshi, who dragged me to the lady and began to act like her pet.

We were seated in a van. The gate opposite to us was closed, but the one facing us was open. It seemed like they were taking us somewhere. But then I saw a blue van coming towards us and something happened to me.
 “Run for your life!” I shouted. I thought that Anshi was faithful enough to the lady to not come to me, but to my surprise he repeated what I said and asked me to take the stairs instead of instead of the shortcut to the car. We ran with all our might and got into the car. We closed the gates and drove off.

We were extremely happy and relieved, and thanked the van driver Bhim for saving our lives.

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