Monday, 13 February 2012


Arnav reached home with a splitting headache. It had been a long day with the delegates from France coming in to finalize the deal on AR's new Odhanicollection. He generally carried headache these days. All the happenings of the past two months had taken their toll on him.
After working hard for years to ensure his family's, and most necessarily his Di's happiness, some tranquility had entered his life. But this new storm had come around and blown everything away. His Jija Ji had turned out to be a cheating jerk after all. And now he could see through the entire facade that he had been putting up all these past years. He had decieved them all. And the cause of all of this was that girl who he had actually begun to fall for, until he found out that despicable truth.
Khushi Kumari Gupta had made his heart beat faster, his breath hitch when she disappeared, and driven him insane with her memories. Though he wouldn't have acknowledged these feelings, he knew that she had made a place for herself in his heart and his life. But the revelation two months back had killed those beautiful feelings that had been enfolding in his bosom for her, and had buried themselves within the sepulchre of his now dead heart. What her spring had thawed had been undone, and his being had once again frozen, as if to never thaw again.
He had had her abandon her family, in such a way, that they'd hate her for eternity. He had blackmailed her into this situation and this marriage. First ruining all her family's resources and getting them in a deadly fix, and then by promising to fix everything if she did what he asked her to do.
Although he somewhere knew that she too had been decieved and wasn't at fault in the present scenario. The fact remained, and the fact was, that whatever may be the case from her end, it after all was because of her that his Di had been cheated. She was the cause of all this mess, and hence deserved to be punished. Which was exactly what he had been doing ever since he married her. Torture her for a mistake that wasn't hers.
His Di greated him as soon as he entered his house, preparations for yet another pooja were apparently in the undertaking.
"Tum bhi na chote, kitni der se aate ho! Hume tumhe Khushi ke saath pooja ka saamaan lene bhejna tha"
"Di aap jaanti hain ki main in sab chakkaron mein nahin padta. To please..."
"Haan haan jaante hain, isliye humne Khushi Ji ko inke saath bhej diya. Kaafi der ho gayi hai, ab tak to aate hi honge..."
Arnav froze at this statement from his sister. His fists clenched as his body suddenly grew stiff, and his eyes turned red in anger.

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