Monday, 13 February 2012


100 miscalls from home, read Arnav's phone.
He hadn't returned home ever since he left after humiliating Khushi in the worst way he was capable of. Prudence was not a part of his being anymore, especially where his Di was concerned. Though somewhere deep down in his buried humane side he knew that what he did was wrong, there was no way he was ready to feel sorry for the girl who had almost ruined his sister's life. What had his Di not borne, and now that she was finally happy, Khushi Kumari Gupta had to come along and ruin everything with her innocent charm, that had his Jeeja completely enamoured.
Were it any other situation he'd have never behaved, never tortured her thus, but this was not any other situation, and Khushi Kumari Gupta could in no way receive any other kind of treatment.
It had been two days now, and he had been away on the pretext of an out of station meeting, that he had only informed his office about, none at home. He hadn't communicated with anybody at home at all, trying his best to drown out the terrible pain in his heart, that he couldn't accept as guilt. He had to stay strong, and live as a demon to her and Shyam, so that they wouldn't dare repeat that day's episode. He had had a detective too appointed to keep an eye on Shyam, and as for Khushi, he'd keep an eye on her himself.
It was time to go home.
Arnav returned home at 11 in the night, and was silently making his way up to his room when he was halted by a worried Anjali.
Where have you been!
We've been going crazy trying to contact you! Your secretary called us to inform about your sudden engagement out of station, but you could've at least called! Why did you not answer your phone!"
"Di, I was very busy, I had no time...", Arnav replied with downcast eyes.
But the worried Anjali did not have time to pay attention to his hoarse pained voice, there were bigger evils plaguing her mind.
"Chote! You should've contacted us! It was an emergency..."
"What emergency Di?? Is everything all right!! Did something happen with Jiju?...", Arnav asked, worried about the whole Khushi-Shyam fiasco.
"No chote! He's fine!
Khushi Ji..."
"What! What happened to Khushi!", he said, now suddenly very afraid about what may have been her reaction to what he had done to her.
"She's gone!
She's left chote, and we have no idea where she is!!!
We called the few friends she has here, all our acquaintances, her family even... but nobody knows where she is!
It's like she has vanished into thin air!
We've even contacted the police, but they also have come up with nothing so far..."
Arnav dropped the bag in his hands, and looked at his sister like she had grown two horns.
Khushi was gone...

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