Monday, 13 February 2012


"Khushi...Khushi...Khushi...!!!!", screamed Nathaniel as he swept a busy Khushi off her feet, taking her by surprise, extracting yelps from her.
"Nathaniel what... what are you doing...!!!! Nathaniel...put me!!!
PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT...", Khushi screamed, but all in vain, as her friend was in no way paying any sort of attention to what she was saying, as he twirled her around in the air.
Nathaniel was Khushi's closest friend in Goa, who she had met about a month into her advent in this beautiful place. She had first seen him on the beach where her Hostel friends had taken her to lighten up her distraught self. Nights at the beaches in Goa were beautiful. People would sing and dance in lovely colours, imprinting the warm sand beneath their feet with the marks of their bliss. They would drink, hoot, and enjoy late into the night. It was a stress free life. It was a place extremely different from Delhi. People here were warm and friendly. And were not involved in the rat race that the Delhites were busy running. Swarms of tourists could be seen scaling the place in funny clothes.
There was a lot that Khushi had to thank this place for. Most important of which, Goa taught her how to live.
One such beach was close to where her hostel was situated. And that is where she had met him. He was playing the violin at the D'souza's pub that night.
Nathaniel was a person of varied talents and interests. The violin being one of them. Being a singer herself, Khushi had been forced to sing by her friends  while Nathaniel played along. The two had struck a chord of friendship immediately after that, and had become a famous and much loved item at the D'souza's then on. Khushi would sing, and he would play. Then when Khushi needed funding for her boutique, Nathaniel piped in, as he too had a knack at designing. Hence, though on a very small scale then, the two launched themselves into the fashion world as partners.
But this wasn't all that they helped each other with. Nathaniel brushed up Khushi's english, and she helped him with his Hindi. Coming from a Christian background, his Hindi was about just as torn up as was Khushi's english. Hanging out with him also brushed up her other mannerisms, and she became more open and free with things. She started wearing long colourful skirts and long dresses in addition to her sarees and salwar kameez. Though nothing short still. There she was still reserved, and always will be.
"What is it Nathaniel!", Khushi exclaimed as he finally put her down.
"God man Khushi!  Quit glaring at me like that! I have a very good reason for being thus excited"
"Well then would you care to tell me about it!"
"Well... if you insist... WE GOT THE CONTRACT!!!!!"
Khushi silently blinked for a couple of minutes, trying to comprehend what he was saying. But then as the meaning of what he had just said sunk in, and it dawned upon her that the contract he was talking about was the one they had been working on these past six months, her hand shot up to cover her mouth in startlement.
"Hey Devi Maiyya!...
You mean... we...we got it...we got the..."
We are to design sarees and sherwanis for them, and the few best pieces of our collection will be showcased in the Indian Fashion Week next year as well. We have to go sign the contract this evening...
Arnav signed the take over papers of the tenth company he had destroyed and taken over in these eight months. His business was progressing like fire. As his new found shrewdity didn't let him relax for a moment, and made him work like a maniac. All the despair in his life had pushed him into this destructive mode, where he'd bankrupt corporate groups, and buy off their business at a tenth of its cost.
His latest venture had been the Sehestra Group, and he had officially sealed the deal today... 

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