Monday, 13 February 2012


Khushi opened the letter she had received from home. Her Jiji was getting married.
After having left Delhi, she had kept sending a part of her salary home. Though it had been a meagre amount in the beginning, she had gradually started earning well. And with the launch of their new brand Odhni, whose 50% rights lay with Khushi[the rest were under Dhruv], her pay scale had escalated exponentially, since she now shared company profits on that particular brand. So, with the help of this financial backing she had managed to pay for her and Payal's college education, pay off all their debts, have her Babu Ji treated and send her Bua, and Amma-Babuji enough money to live well.
Payal Jiji had stayed back in Delhi with Bua Ji for college, while Amma-Babu Ji had gone back to Lucknow after Babu Ji had recovered. He had revealed how Shyam had tried to kill him, but then they had found out that he was already suffering a life sentence. Payal had informed Khushi of how Anjali Ji had stumbled upon her husbands numerous secret affairs, and all the crime he had committed to keep them under the wraps. For which he had been tried and imprisoned. They had later found out that her husband was none other than Shyam Ji. Babu Ji had recovered much after that, so his revelation had not been of much significance. But the Guptas were extremely happy that Khushi had gone away when she had. Bua had also mellowed down after this.
She read the letter from her Amma, Jiji was marrying Akash Singh Raizada.
Your sister's getting married! That is such good news!", exclaimed Dhruv, as they sat in Khushi's cabin during lunch time, munching on the special Lucknowi dawat she had cooked for their entire team in celebration of her Jiji's wedding announcement.
"So, you are inviting me, are you not!"
"Of course not! Why would I want you there to ruin the joyous occasion", Khushi replied nonchalantly as Dhruv narrowed his eyes at her.
"You do remember that I sign your pay cheque, do you not!"
"Hold on a sec..", she said as her phone began to buzz.
"Hi Lavanya Ji! How are you!..", and she went on and on telling Lavanya all about the wedding and how she just had to be there.
"She's coming!", squealed an ecstatic Khushi in reply to Dhruv's questioning gaze.
They high-fived as they knew that their group would be soon complete with Lavanya in the picture.
Three years ago when Khushi had left after meeting Lavanya, she had also packed her bags and left for London. She had for a very long time tried to pass off Arnav's indifference as his nature, but she had to face the truth sometime or the other. Khushi's courage at leaving everything behind had given Lavanya the strength to see the truth, and hence she had left for London. She knew ASR did not love her, and she deserved someone who did. It was better leaving now than going through a failed marriage.
And as for ASR, he had hardly cared that she had left. Hadn't even called her once. And soon after she had heard the news of his new girlfriend, Pam, her own assistant from AR. Khushi had been very upset when Lavanya had informed her of her break up, but had later on agreed to the fact that Lavanya deserved someone much better that Arnav Singh Raizada, someone who wasn't afraid of emoting, and could keep her truly happy. She deserved true love. And then Khushi had gone on to criticise Arnav in great detail, but we need not go into that right now.
"So are you inviting me or not! Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta!", shouted Dhruv in mock anger.
"Like it'd make a difference. You know you'd come anyways! Plus I'll need help with the arrangements, so yes! I am inviting you, Mr. Druv Singhania!"
And with that they broke into a discussion of how what will happen...
"Congratulations!", came the annoying voice of his girlfriend. What had he been thinking asking her out in the first place!
"Your brother is getting married!"
Yes, Akash was getting married. And that too to the woman he loved. These emotional fools and their definitions of true love!
She'd be there... Thought Arnav as he put down his glass of wine. He hadn't seen her these past three years, ever since that night when he had stung her with his venom and broken her tender heart. Or not! Who knew what went around behind that beautiful face! He had tried to find out about her from Akash, who had been with Payal these past three years, but he had said that Khushi had left that night after Diwali, and had not informed anyone of where she was going. She stayed in touch, but had not revealed her whereabouts ever. It was like she wanted to be left alone after all that had happened.

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