Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Chote…Chote do something. Save her Chote. Oh god! Please protect her and my Chote…he heard his Di call out to him...
Arnav ji! Arnav ji! Open your mouth, here, eat this...Aahh...he heard her voice, desperate and afraid through the maze.

Khushi Ji!

“Khushi!” He woke up with a start. 

“It’s all right. I’m here. I’m right here.” She massaged his back and stroked his hair.

Arnav felt her hands wipe the sweat off her brow and realisation dawned upon him.
Khushi stilled as she felt her hands’ hiatus at being caught in a death like grip in Arnav’s.
“I think I told you to stay away from me” He whispered dangerously.
“But Arnav..”

“GET OUT!” his voice boomed.

Choking back the tears that threatened to escape her eyes, she simply got up, and left.


It had been a week now that his world had fallen apart when the contents of the dossier from the marriage registrar’s office had seeped in, and the truth had dawned on him. She had divorced him within 6 months of their marriage, and extracted 40% of his company’s shares as alimony. Then she had gone on to marry his brother Dhruv, exactly a year later, on the same day that she had married him. So now, the conniving bitch was the major shareholder of AR, married to Dhruv  Singh Raizada, and pregnant.  

There were quite a few things that didn’t make sense though. One. He was not a marrying man. Then how come had he married her in the first place. Two. If, for argument’s sake he had indeed married her out of love, then how come he had let her go? Three. In case they had parted due to certain differences, why the hell had he let her have 40% of his company’s shares, making her the major shareholder in the process. Four. Why in the world had his own brother married his ex wife. And that too exactly on their first one year wedding anniversary. Things just did not add up. Something was very fishy about all the facts that were enfolding forth him.

And then there were the dreams that had been haunting him in his sleep. And they had just gotten worse. He’d have the same dream every night. Di sprawled across the floor with her cast removed, crying. He, incapacitated, perched against the floor. Then his vision get’s hazy as someone shoves something into his mouth, telling him to eat it. And then that same person crying out in an agonising scream…. Arnav Ji… and then the lecherous disdainful voice that said

“Khushi”, he breathed. She was there, every night when he woke up, sweating from his nightmares. She’d try and soothe him, stroke his hair till he calmed down. And then every night the past week, he had dragged her by the elbow and thrown her out .

The painfully shrill and desperate voice still resonated through his being. It was calling out for help…imploring him to save her. And he had a feeling that he knew who the voice belonged to. But the whole thing was such a haze, that the recollections were blurred and unsure. Plus, why the hell was he having these dreams anyway?

“Doctor, I don’t know what’s gone wrong. You said that these dreams wouldn’t occur before he started to recollect something of the past, or undue pressure was put on his brain by trying to make him privy of the truth. But none of that has happened. So why is this happening?”

“I don’t know Mrs. Raizada. Honestly speaking, it’s not possible for him to recollect his memory this soon into his accident, ‘cause he hasn’t recovered enough yet. This condition of his, these flashbacks must have been triggered. Are you sure that no one has revealed anything to him.”

“Absolutely not. None of the family members have. The staff has instructions. The media is under control via a court order. He couldn’t have possible found out.”

“Well then it’s either that. Or your story doesn’t add up to him. He’s probably not convinced with whatever you’ve told him. You need to do a better job at convincing him. Has something happened that might have caused suspicious issues with him?”

“Oh no…” Khushi whispered as she remembered the mistake she had made in a fit of vulnerability.


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