Sunday, 15 April 2012


“What the!”

“Oh! Look who’s here!”

Arnav turned around to face the bearer of this annoyingly excited voice in annoyance, only to see Lavanya peer into the room housing the cozy lovers along with him.

“What the hell Lavanya! What are you doing here? And what in the name of god are you so excited about!” He growled at her.

Lavanya gave him a pointed look that clearly said ‘You can whine all you want, makes absolutely no difference to me whatsoever’, and then pointing to the pair inside explained.

“Him, ASR. Kunal is here! Oh! I am so excited!”
Arnav turned his attention back to the scene inside as he regarded the man still wrapped around Khushi.

“Who’s he?”

“He’s Kunal Chopra. Khushi’s suitor.”

“What the!”

“Not again ASR! Enough with your ‘WHAT THE’s already!”

Arnav grabbed Lavanya by the shoulders as he forced her to face him.

“What do you mean Khushi’s suitor?” he asked her urgently.

Lavanya rolled her eyes at his stupidity. “You are still just as thick in the head as you were all that time ago. Khushi’s suitor meaning, he’s in love with Khushi and has been trying to get her to marry him for as long as I can remember. You have to listen to him profess his love for Khushi! He does it every half an hour. Meaning every half an hour that he’s around her of course. And he uses the most magical language ever to do that! Kunal’s an amateur Shayar you see. And Khushi simply loves his Shayari! Oh! What amazing Urdu that guy uses! It is just so dreamy!

Listen, ASR. I know you’re weird and all. But I really wanna go and meet him. So please excuse me.”

Arnav watched Lavanya hurry by him with a bewildered expression on his face. Khushi’s suitor! This Shayar who had been spouting urdu and hugging and kissing Khushi intended to marry her, and was doing everything in his power to accomplish that task! And here Arnav had still been pondering over what to do with these weird emotions that surfaced every time Khushi was around! Lavanya was right, he really was thick! If he wanted Khushi in his life, he’d have to work fast. ‘Cause he very obviously had a lot more competition than Dhruv Singhania. Now Kunal Chopra was also in the race.

“Khushi! In my cabin, now!”

Khushi had barely registered Arnav’s thundering voice amidst the noisy get together, that he had even left. Shrugging at the questioning looks of her friends, she marched up to the devil’s cabin to find out what he wanted, and give him an earful about the way he was supposed to behave with her.

“Come in!” sounded his crisp voice.

“Listen Mr. Raizada! You can’t just talk to me however you please! I am not that old Khushi Kumari Gupta who’ll bear all your nonsense without a scruple of any sort! Do you understand me! I will not be spoken to in that tone….” And Arnav watched on, amused, as she went on and on. Not even stopping for a breath while she told him off.

Khushi did not realize when amidst her rant had Arnav advanced towards her, and trapped her between himself and his desk, not leaving any room for her to escape. Her words got caught in her throat when the strong heady scent of his aftershave wafted to her senses, and clogged her brain, making her privy to the compromising position that she was in. She looked up at him unsurely, his nose an inch away from hers. Tingles shot through her body as she felt him stroke one of her arms from her fingertips up to her shoulder, and then back.

He felt her shiver at his touch, as her eyes fluttered close involuntarily. Encouraged by her reaction, and the fact that she had not pushed him away, he decided to push his luck, and wrapped his other arm around her waist.

Khushi felt her senses give her a red siren as Arnav pulled her flush against himself. She shivered as every inch of her body pressed against every inch of his. She could feel the contours of his hard muscles against her petite frame.

Arnav fought for control as he felt her soft body grind into him. He slowly took hold of her hips, and lifted her slightly off the floor, pulling her further into him and between his legs. She trembled with the contact. Never before had anyone touched her so intimately, let alone a man. She felt her core moisten, as a searing hardness pulsed against it. Her soft breasts fought for breaths against his constricting chest, while he kept her plastered to his body. She clutched his shoulders for support as she if her entire existence hung by a fragile thread, at his mercy.

The hardened tips of her breasts rubbed against his own hard tips through the feeble fabric, as heat radiated through their bodies.

“Go out with me.”

Her eyes snapped open as she felt his hot breath whisper into her ear. Pulling her head back, she looked into his scorching eyes. Eyes that spoke of passion, eyes that spoke of dire need, and eyes that spoke of the denied connection they had always shared. But these pools of warm honey that stared back at her this moment no more denied. They accepted, and they sought the same acceptance from hers.

“Go out with me.” He whispered again, this time his warm breath falling onto her quivering lips. He pulled her hips further between his strong legs, making his need for her blatant.

Khushi gasped as the friction between their bodies produced scorching heat that plummeted her senses beyond sanity. Holding onto him for dear life, she gave him her answer.



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