Monday, 7 May 2012

Hey Dear Readers!

Hey Dear All!

I'm really sorry for not having updated in such a long time. 
I am even sorrier to inform you that I won't be updating for quiet a while now. I have seemed to reach a dead end with all of my stories, and don't have the heart to write for quiet sometime. So I'm taking a break, and working on a novel.

In case I do update, the updates will not be regular, and be rather scant. Please bear with me for sometime till I get my inspiration back and can write on with renewed fervour. 

Till then, enjoy the twists and turns on our dear, dear show.

Take Care
Mirna Mirnalini


  1. Awwwww no!!
    I understand how much it sucks when you reach a dead end, and can't seem to find the inspiration to continue!
    But I really, really, really hope you find it soon! I loved Tujhe Bhula Diya!
    Would love to see you back in action soon!!

  2. I check your blog religiously for updates so I'm super sad that there won't be any. Thanks for updating us. I hope you find your IPK mojo soon as it'd be a shame not to continue these amazing stories. Good luck with the novel.

  3. awww that's a shame but it's okay we shall wait!!!

    And till then enjoy the AMAZING SHOW

  4. I miss your stories and updates! Hope you get back to writing soon! :)

  5. Missing your stories very much
    I hope you get your inspiration back soon <3

  6. read two of your stories difficult love and tujhe bhula diya how could you stop writing you have such amazing talent.whatever is bothering you just forget abt it dear and write pls get ur inspiration back immediatly.two such beautiful stories and how could you just stop and not finish them pls write dear

  7. hey hun, i really hope to see an update from you soon! hope ur doing well -amy