Monday, 13 February 2012


To say that she was 'Shocked', was heavily underestimating what Khushi felt when she saw Arnav at her doorstep. The Jalebi in her hand remained forgotten, as she stared at him. The startlement was soon replaced as anger took over. Anger at his nerve to come to her house after everything that he had done. What more did he want!
Crushing the jalebi in her hand in anger Khushi will fully swung the door to shut it into his face.
Arnav witnessed a rage take over her soft facial muscles, as she tried to shut the door and block him out. But he hadn't come over to be locked out. Too fast for her, his hand shot through the space between the door and the door frame, and prevented its closure.
Khushi struggled against the door, trying to hopelessly close it. But all her efforts went in vain, as Arnav was too strong for her. He easily pushed the door open, and slipped in through the space, closing it behind him. Locking the door he turned to face a livid Khushi.
"Ab aapko aur kya chahiye!
Kyun aaye hain aap yahan!
Itna sab hone ke baad bhi aapka man nahi bhara, jo aur zaleel karne aaye hain aap hume! Aur badla lena chahte hain aap humse us gunaah ka, jo humne kiya hi nahi! Hum sab kuch chod kar yahan aa gaye taki hum ek nayi zindagi shuru kar saken, aur humne kari bhi, lekin aapko to yeh bhi manzoor nahi! Us raat ke baad aapka man nahi bhara, aur kuch bhi karna chahte hain aap!
That night you had stopped your assault midway. Are you here to complete what you had started! Aapko jo karna hai aaj aap kar lijiye. Hum aapko nahin rokenge. Aur aaj is sab ko khatam kijiye!"
Arnav took in Khushi's tirade in a mixture of guilt and sadness. He had wronged her, and deserved all these accusations. He closed his eyes, unsure of what to do, how to react. His Di's life had faced a disaster because of the woman he was madly and irrevocably in love with. Yes he loved her. But he also loved his Di. She was his everything. What was he to do! Neither could he comfort her and apologise, nor could he inflict more pain on her. Truth be told, he was exhausted. Exhausted of choosing between the two most important women in his life.
Tired of this dilemma, Arnav chose not to think or say anything at all. And simply advanced towards her, scanning her from head to toe. These eight months had been equivalent to centuries for him, and now that she was finally in front of him, he was going to take his fill.
Khushi saw Arnav not respond to her questions. As if he hadn't heard them at all. Instead, an intense helpless expression adorned his face, and she could evidently mark yearning in his eyes. She shuddered as his need filled eyes roamed over her body, as if extinguishing their thirst, and he advanced towards her, entranced.
Arnav continued to step forward, as Khushi stepped back, until her back hit the living room wall, and she could retreat no more. A foot from her, he could see she intended to side step him and escape. But he could not let that happen, not now when he had found her again. Hence abandoning all thought, he caught her in his arms as she tried to run away, and pulled her into him.
Khushi uselessly struggled against Arnav's strong body. There was no way she could win against him. Afraid of a replay of what had happened eight months ago, she trembled, her fears fatiguing her, and her struggle dying in the process.
Arnav felt every inch of her soft body pressed against his tremble. He could feel her fear, and hugged her tighter to himself. He ran his arms all over her back in an assuring manner, assuring her of her safety. He felt her tears seep through his shirt, and reach his chest.
"Shhh...", Khushi felt him whisper in her ears in an assuring manner, as he rubbed her back gently and stroked her long open hair. The brutal roughness from that night was nowhere there tonight, and instead a certain warmth emanated from his body, and seeped into hers. There was a softness about the way he held her, driving her fears away, and calming her fluttering heart.
He kissed the top of her head, and pulled her head back to look into her tear stained face. He gently trailed hot open mouthed kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, and then finally, her lips. Taking both her lips into his mouth, he sucked their sweetness, his tongue tickling them.
Khushi felt dizzy, as Arnav's  mouth played havoc with her senses. All thought lay abandoned, as her hands crept up his arms, and into his hair with a mind of their own. She was no more in control, as passion filled moans escaped her throat.
He felt her body give up, as her lips parted to let the arousing moans escape, giving way to his tongue in the process. His kissing grew urgent, as his hands rubbed down her back and cupped both her bums, squeezing them and pushing her body between his legs to satiate his need.
Khushi had lost control over her body long time back. The sensations that Arnav's ministrations were arousing in her body were new to her, and her reactions had no leash over them. She shuddered as she felt his hands touch her sensitive parts, and desire rippled through her when her core found his. She moaned incessantly as his hard body rubbed against her virgin self, and she felt him explore her yet unexplored being.
Their urgent kissing was interrupted as a much too familiar song began to play loudly
"Chalo maiyya ke bhawan bhawan bhawan..."

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