Monday, 13 February 2012


"God Khushi! Kitni der lagti hai tumhe phone uthane mein!
Kitni der se bell ja rahi thi! Accha listen, there was something very important that I needed to talk to you about...", Arnav's grip tightened around the phone in his hand. His knuckles turned white, as his clenched fist threatened to break the phone in his hand. What was this chit doing calling up his wife at this hour!
Disturbed out of their moment, Arnav had marched to the kitchen slap where Khushi's phone lay besides the plate of hot jalebis and had answered it in frustration. But before he could've even said a 'Hello', the much familiar annoying voice he recalled from the evening meeting had graced his ears.
Khushi's prat of a friend-cum-partner was on the other end, rattling on and on.
He was just about to give him a piece of his mind about decent calling hours when the phone was snatched from him by a visibly angry Khushi.
"Hello. Yeah...hi Nathaniel...No, I was just making I'm not upset over anything, just felt like some...What! That...that's very nice. Listen, I'll just call you in a the delivery boy from the ration shop's at the door. Okay... ta-ta"
Arnav's fists clenched tighter and his knuckles turned whiter if it was possible. The Nathaniel guy knew about Khushi's jalebi-when-upset habit. And since when did she begin to speak such fluent english! He did not like this. He did not like this at all.
"What did he want at this hour?!!", he whispered dangerously stepping towards her menacingly. "Has he no etiquettes! Calling you up at this hour! Or is it regular with you two", he said in distaste.
Khushi had held in her rage for too long now. She had lsot all control, had been at this insufferable man's mercy again tonight. And couldn't even blast at him when she came back to her senses `cause she had to first hang up on Nathaniel. But now enough was enough. How dare he speak to her thus in her own house!
"Mr. Arnav Singh raizada!
Neither is this your office, nor is it Shantivan that you can just waltz in here at any time of the day and begin with your usual unpleasant rant. This is my house! And I do not entertain guests at this hour, and that too unwanted guests, what are they called...trespassers! If you do not leave my house this very minute I'm afraid I'll be forced to call in this police and have them deal with you. And mind it, Goa police is very strict in its dealings. So I suggest you leave the premises at once!", and with this said she began to march towards the main door, only to be pulled back harshly by a death like grip on her arm.
Arnav twisted one of her arms behind her back, while held the other between their shoulders as he held her tight against his chest.
"Kya kaha tumne..."
"Wahi jo apne suna Mr. Raizada!", Khushi snapped back as she glared back at him even in her compromising situation.
She struggled against his strong hold, bot to no avail. He was too strong for her.
"Agar tumhari bakwaas khatam ho gayi ho, to meri baat ka jawab do. Usne tumhe itni raat ko phone kyun kiya tha? Answer me dammit!", he shouted.
" Mujhe kaun kitne baje phone karta hai, aur kaun nahi karta hai, is none of your business. Aur waise bhi, sirf phone hi kiya hai, aapki tarah zabardasti ghar mein nahi ghuas aaya hai! Aur nahi aapki tarah mujhe assault kar raha hai! Lekin yeh to aapki purani aadat hai na Mr. Raizada. Apni power ka galat faida uthana. Physically abusing the weaker isn't anything new for you. Is it?!!?", she spoke with venom in her voice, and fire in her eyes.
Arnav's eyes that had been spitting fire until now lowered in shame.
"So what are you gonna do now Mr. Raizada? Molest me? Or even better, rape me and get it done with once and for all!", tears of anger slipped down the side of Khushi's face.
Arnav left Khushi as he backed away. A flood of shame overcame him, his head bowed. Unable to meet her gaze, he silently turned around and left.

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