Monday, 13 February 2012


Khushi and Nathaniel sat at their local haunt,  the D'souza's pub. The sound of the waves breaking on the shore, and the salty air coupled with Nathaniel's cheerful company had managed to uplift Khushi's downtrodden mood. And the ice-cream that Mrs. D'Souza had served her, had returned the sweetness to her aura.

Nathaniel took another sip from his ice-cream shake as he processed everything that Khushi had told him two hours ago. There had always been a certain mystery about her. Something about the way she'd hold herself back from being truly happy. Though she'd try to look it, he always knew that she wasn't. Something that spoke of the vast sea of pain that she carried behind that beautiful smile of hers, the smile that had never reached her eyes. She had never divulged any details about her past, and he had never pushed her. Had waited for her to feel secure enough to confide in him.

And today she had. His blood boiled when he heard of the treatment that his dear friend had been subjected to. And his heart ached with the pain that she had had to endure all by herself. How could god meet out such pain to someone as beautiful, as lovely and as kind as Khushi! A strange sense of protectiveness filled his being, as he felt the need to protect his friend from anymore hurt.
He had spent the last couple of hours cheering her up, and did not intend to broach the subject again until she felt a little better about it.

"More ice-cream?", he asked her with a smile.
"No thanks. I think I'm done!"

"No match for your Jalebis, eh?", he said cocking an eyebrow, which forced Khushi into peals of laughter.

"I've told you a thousand times before to not do that Nathaniel! You look like the alien from that movie you showed me. What was it called again?"
"Yes! That one exactly!"

"How about lunch tomorrow?". Khushi nodded at Nathaniel's question.
"That sounds like a great idea! We've been so busy lately with all the new designing work, we've hardly had time to take a break! How about we go have some pizza at Dominoe's!"

"No. How about we go some place nice?"

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