Monday, 13 February 2012


Meanwhile, Arnav was sitting in a posh restaurant in a five star hotel. He had been forced to attend a lunch meeting with one of the investors involved in the launch. She was a twenty-six year old widow of a fifty-five year old, very rich man, and had inherited all of her husband's money following his death. Known as a prodigal woman with extravagant tastes, she moved in the top elite circle of Goa with more class than she in reality possessed.

The women called her a man eating vulture, and preferred keeping their husbands and boyfriends out of her way. Common knowledge held that the woman was a mistress at the art of seduction, and was always on the lookout for a handsome man to sleep with. Since her monetary desires had been taken care of by her dead old husband's will, she was now in search of a compatible lover.

Arnav had been heavily against the idea of meeting with this woman for lunch, but Aman had insisted that he go 'cause no matter the type she was, her involvement could bring in a very generous sponsorship from her side. So now he sat opposite this highly annoying lady, trying to make small talk with her, while she tried to get his attention to her womanly attributes.

Rubeena was running out of ways to entice the rich, young and handsome entrepreneur sitting forth her. It was a deadly combination to be found in a man, one that she wasn't going to just let slip away. She had deliberately worn a low cut red dress which ended around her upper thigh, just a little below her hips. Her lips were smeared with red lipstick, and her eyes were smoky. She looked every bit a seductress, except for the fact that the man opposite her was nowhere close to being seduced. Twice she had spilled her wine down her cleavage, hoping to pull his attention to her new pert silicon breasts, but he hadn't even spared her a look. Instead he had just told her to hold the glass properly the second time she had done it. But no matter how hard to get he played, she wasn't going to let him go. Sooner or later she'd definitely get into his bed. After all, she hadn't gotten where she was by giving up!

Right when Rubeena was laughing unnecessarily at something not so funny that Arnav had just said, Khushi walked into the restaurant with Nathaniel.

All pairs of male eyes looked up at the delicate beauty clad in a red chiffon Saree who entered on the arm of a handsome man in black dress pants  and a white dress shirt.

Arnav noticed the sudden change in the atmosphere as he searched for the object of every man's interest. And what he saw, he did not like at all. Khushi looked lovely, true. But the annoying acquaintance by her side crushed out any peace that her ethereal beauty should've brought to his heart. And if he had thought that the afternoon could not get any more annoying, it did. Not to mention the urge he had to supress to blind every male eye that was busy admiring his wife at the moment.

Rubeena noticed the sudden change in her companion's deameanor. If he had looked nonchalant a minute ago, he looked furious now. She wondered what he was staring so angrily at, and turned to find a beautiful young woman clad in a red saree to be the object of his attention. Here she had been trying to get him to look at her for the past one and a half hour, and in walks this saree clad classless bitch and has all of his attention! No! She wasn't going to let that wh**e take away what was hers! 

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