Monday, 13 February 2012


Khushi once again laughed as Nathaniel yet again gave her that extra-terrestrial look.

Arnav clutched his fork harder as her musical laughter at that scumbag's inaudible joke floated to him from across the room. He had been watching them like a hawk ever since they had entered     ten minutes ago.

Rubeena was getting more and more frustrated at the way Arnav was not even acknowledging her presence anymore. His eyes had not left the beauty in red ever since she had walked in. Yes, the woman was undoubtedly beautiful, she agreed to herself with a grimace. But that did not mean that she was any match to Rubeena's class or sex appeal! And the experience that she had in bed! She was sure that if she could get ASR in her bed once, he'd never dare leave her side, but that was clearly going to be impossible if he kept looking at other women!

She knew what to do! The best way to get his attention was to show him how better she was to that other woman. To undermine her!

"What sort of classless people are let into these posh restaurants these days! Look at that scrawny little thing in a saree! I wonder what the man by her side was thinking bringing her in!"

Arnav had been too busy trying to control certain very violent urges when he was brought out of his reverie by this impertinent insult to his wife. He glared at the woman he had been enduring the past one and a half hour. How dare she speak thus about his wife! He was about to put her in her place when he heard another bout of musical laughter float from the woman who had had his teeth on edge ever since he had met her. He looked around to see that they were no more seated at the table, but had moved to the dance floor, and were dancing to Bailamos in swift elegant moves. By the looks of it, it seemed that the two were acquainted dancers, and were clearly enjoying the ron-de-vous.

Arnav saw red as Nathaniel again pulled Khushi in a close embrace and he flung his napkin aside and pushed back his chair decidedly.

Rage coursed through his veins as walked to where the pair of them were busy waltzing in each others' arms. And roughly pulling them apart, he punched Nathaniel across the face.

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