Monday, 13 February 2012


These clothes are just fab!", exclaimed a super excited Lavanya.
Khushi had had the company car sent and pick Lavanya from the airport. And now they all sat in the green room amongst all the clothes and models, finalising the fittings for tomorrow's display. They had decided to organise a little ramp walk of a few of their designs for their clients.
"Can I please have one of these Chamkili!"
"Stop pining over the clothes like a love sick puppy Lavanya! These aren't to be released until they make a display in this years fashion show", Dhruv bit back.
"You're such a meany!", whined Lavanya.
"Oho! Stop it you two!
And Lavanya Ji, I'll design special clothes for you, as per your taste and choice. So don't worry. Just let me get done with tomorrow's meeting, then whatever you want! And before I forget, here's a Saree for you to wear at the Sangeet", Khushi said producing a beautiful package.
Lavanya squealed as she snatched it from Khushi's hands, and tore the packaging open, to reveal a beautiful turquoise blue Saree, decorated with intricate embroidery. The cloth felt like water between her fingers.
"Oh my god Chamkili!
Is this the new variety of cloth that you have created yourself! The one that's supposed to float this month on Odhni's third anniversary!"
"Yes it is!", exclaimed a shocked Dhruv as he grabbed the sari from La's hands.
"I can't believe you're giving this to her! You know this is not supposed to leak out before its official launch!", shouted an angry Dhruv.
"Quit screaming like that Laad Governor Dhruv...", Khushi halted. She hadn't talked about him out loud for a very long time now.
"I..I mean... the Sangeet is after the launch, in the evening, so she can easily wear it. I'm no fool!"
"Fine! Then you collect it from me after the launch", Dhruv said taking the Saree away to his cabin.
No! STOP!!
You! Come back here with my Saree!", yelled an angry Lavanya as she chased after Dhruv to get her precious gift from her ever more precious friend back.
Khushi shook her head at the two as she continued to dictate her team of models regarding the display the next day. Though Dhruv hadn't revealed to her the identity of their clients, a surprise he had called it. She wanted to be completely prepared. This was a very important deal.
Arnav sat amongst all the guests, amid the Roka celebrations. Anjali and Nani had insisted that Roka happened at Shantivan, before they headed off for Lucknow for the rest of the ceremonies.
Akash and Payal had insisted on inviting only close friends and relatives, hence it was a warm personal gathering, with the Raizadas, Guptas, and their close friends chatting away at full speed.
He had returned from his meeting with a significant share holder of the Indian Fashion House late in the afternoon to find his house swarming with cheer and laughter. The meeting had gone well, and he had signed the deal. Though he couldn't meet the designer and the 50% partner of the brand that he had signed the deal for, her work had thoroughly impressed him. She was apparently held up in a personal niche. Arnav had also not complained since they had rescheduled the meeting at the last moment. And when he had come down after changing into a fresh suit, he had seen a vision in purple dancing around the house, as she catered to all the guests, and spread cheer on this joyous occassion. It was a beautiful Saree, and what was that cloth? It shimmered like water. He had to get a closer look. So he had advanced towards her hopeful for one of her hits and misses with him that had been so famous in the good old days, only to receive a dirty glare as he approached too close. A glare that put all his lovely ideas to rest, and he went and seated himself besides the very lovely lady's Babu Ji. Hoping to get into her good books by impressing her family.
Khushi had been bringing in the Badam milk when she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes.
"Guess who! JALEBI BAI!", squealed Dhruv into her ears.
"OH GOD DHRUV!", Khushi said, annoyed at the fact that she couldn't see anything when she held a loaded try in her hands.
Arnav had been having a pleasant conversation with Khushi's father when all his pleasure had been snatched away. He had initially been surprised to see Dhruv Singhania in his house. But the surprise was short lived as it turned into fury when he saw him go and cover Khushi's eyes and whisper something into her ears.

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