Monday, 13 February 2012


Arnav strode purposely to the kitchen where he had witnessed the two disappear.
"Khushi what the hell were you thinking wearing this sari!", glowered a visibly angry Dhruv.
"Dhruv...", but before she could answer, they were interrupted by a much familiar angry voice.
"Why? What problem do you have with her sari?", Arnav spoke dangerously,  his eyes reduced to slits.
Khushi and Dhruv stood by the slap, where Khushi was loading the tray with sweets to be taken outside.
"Mr. Raizada! What a pleasant surprise!", exclaimed Dhruv at finding ASR standing forth him.
"I don't see what could be so surprising about finding me in my own house", Arnav bit back.
"Your house...", Dhruv now looked confused.
"Arnav Ji is Akash Ji's elder brother", Khushi explained.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! You see I'm new in Delhi, hence wasn't aware that this was your house. Khushi, why didn't you ever tell me that you were acquainted with Arnav Singh Raizada?", questioned a surprised Dhruv.
"Well, there wasn't much to tell really", Khushi answered coldly.
Arnav felt her coldness hit him right into his chest. Sure there was nothing much to tell! What about the fact that they had almost kissed once!
"Well this is great! Now I don't have to introduce you to our new client Khuhsi"
"What do you mean?", Khushi asked.
"What I mean is that, the company that I signed a deal with today is AR. We're going to be working with Mr. Raizada here", Dhruv answered.
'WHAT!", Khushi nearly screamed in shock. This meant that she was going to have to work with Arnav Singh Raizada. Again.
Arnav looked at them in confusion. How were they both related? And why was Dhruv Singhania telling Khushi about their business deal?
"Mr. Raizada, meet the co-founder of Odhni. And the designer you'll be working on this project with", Dhruv beamed at him.
"What the...", Arnav whispered, unable to come to terms with the fact that Khushi was the designer whose work had impressed him so much. The one whose work he had heard so much about. The one who Dhruv Singhania had been praising to no end in the meeting that day...
Was something going on between the two...?
But before he could process his train of thought, he saw Khushi pick up the tray and leave the kitchen, followed by Dhruv.

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