Monday, 13 February 2012


"Khushi, I'm asking you something! Why are you wearing this sari!", Dhruv asked Khushi again. 

Dhruv had followed Khushi to the poolside, where she had gone to seek solace. It was beautifully decorated. Carnations coupled with fairy lights adorned the entire area. The lights were wound around all the plants, and the moonlight reflected off the water in the pool. The moon shown, and Khushi sadly gazed at its reflection in the water. A soft music played in the background.

"Dhruv please. Not now", Khushi whispered as an answer.

He looked at his friend's crestfallen face, something was definitely very wrong. He had always known that she had a painful history back here in Delhi, which is why she never returned even once during the time that she had lived in Mumbai. Though she had never told him anything about it and nor had Lavanya disclosed anything on Khushi's insistence, he knew that the same thing was haunting her again.

"Well. Now that you have. May I just say that you look absolutely ravishing in it", he spoke into her right ear sensuously.

Khushi turned around wide eyed, looking scandalized at what he had just said.

Taking an already shocked Khushi by surprise, Dhruv snaked his arms around her waist, and pulled her to himself with a jerk.

"Shall we senorita"

The scandalised expression softened, and metamorphosed into a smile, as she giggled slightly and locked her arms behind his neck. And they began to sway to the music.

This is the song. Please listen to it while reading the rest.  

Arnav had been looking for Khushi for quiet a while now. He needed answers.
That was when he came by the panoramic windows overlooking the pool area, and stopped in his tracks. Khushi was very cozily dancing with the Singhania fellow. His arms were wound around her waist, while hers around his neck. Her head rested on his chest, and his on her head. 

The sight forth him sent fury raging through his veins like lava, and he felt as if he could burst right then and there. He clenched his fists in anger as he saw Dhruv Singhania stroke Khushi's hair and whisper something into her ears. 

Oblivious to the venomous gaze that they were being subjected to, Khushi and Dhruv continued to waltz under the moonlight. 
"You honestly do look beautiful in this sari. Don't mind me. As your boss I was just reprimanding you regarding the company rules. But being your friend, I guess I could overlook this breach of norm"

Khushi raised her head from his chest and looked up into her friend's tender face.

"Mr. Singhania. If it is the company rules that you've been after my life all this while for, then let me tell you something. I received the copyrights of this fabric today at four in the evening, and hence don't have to wait for the launch to wear it. And if anybody does try to steal our idea and release it as their own, then not only will they face fifteen law suits, their license will be cancelled, and they'll have to pay Odhni a handsome fine of Forty million, and the designer aka Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta Thirty million rupees.
Not considering the publicity that it'll garner us. 

Hence I decided to don it for tonight, and let Lavanya also choose out of my designs"

"And you're telling me this now!"

Khushi grinned back at his annoyed face. That was when his phone rang.

"Hello. Hel..hello. I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Hell.."

"The connection's weak hear. I'll just take this call and be back", he told Khushi as he left the pool area and headed out to receive his call.

Khushi smiled at his retreating back. Now alone, she continued to waltz to the tune playing in the background.

But her bliss was short lived, as she was roughly hauled out of it by a rough pull on her arm.

She collided into a hard form, and looked up to find herself staring into a couple of furious eyes. 

"What the hell do you think you were doing Khushi Kumari Gupta! How dare you..."
But before Arnav could do or say anything else, Khushi fished out a can from god knows where, and sprayed it into his eyes.

"Aaahh..!", Arnav screamed in agony as the exhaust from the can stung his eyes. He let go of Khushi's arm as he rubbed his eyes furiously and continued to yelp in pain.


"Pepper spray. Made it a point to carry it since I knew you'd be around. And my experience with your cave-man like ways told me to be prepared to combat your manhandling. I'm not eighteen and weak anymore Raizada!", Khushi spat in contempt as she walked out of the pool area, leaving a still yelping Arnav behind.

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  1. I think this Sunday is dedicated to you as I've spent today reading all your fiction! This is brilliant. Love the fact that Khushi's matured and is strong. Can't wait to see how Arnav wins her round...if he does! Thanks.