Monday, 13 February 2012


Arnav sat in his chair at the head of the table in the conference room as he took in Khushi's presentation. It was the day after the Roka ceremony, and Khushi and her team had come over to AR to discuss their further course of action. She was currently telling their team about the budget statistics of the venture, and the expected profit margin. His eyes were still red, curtsey of Khushi's pepper spray.

She had changed. A lot.
She had donned formal trousers and shirt for the meeting with 6 inches black stilettos. She spoke flawless fluent English, and had a confidence that she had never before possessed. The old nervousness was no more there. The tacky pronunciation had disappeared. And the over the top fashion sense had considerably mellowed down. In short, everything that had always screamed out Khushi, had been recycled. 

The presentation came to an end and Khushi addressed everybody's queries regarding the project's finances.

"Ms. Gupta!", came ASR's voice, sharp and crisp.

"How do you suggest we get the twenty million rupees funding you have left unexplained. You've quoted the sources of all the other funds. What about this particular one?"

But before Khushi could answer Arnav's question, Dhruv beat her to it.

"Those twenty million are coming from Khushi's end ASR. Which makes her a stake holder in this venture"

"And you have that kind of money?", Arnav sneered cruelly before he could stop himself. It was after he had blurted out this scathing comment at Khushi that he realised how inappropriate it must've sounded amongst everybody at the meeting.

Get a grip over yourself ASR. You are not alone with her right now . You're sitting in a meeting for crying out loud!

To say that everybody was shell shocked at Arnav's response would be an understatement. Dhruv felt anger pulsating through him at the way Arnav had addressed his friend and a prised colleague. But before he could formulate a retort to put Arnav in his place, Khushi beat him to it.

"As it happens, I do. And thank god for that! 'Cause were it otherwise, I'd have been charged for fraud, for I've already deposited the cheque Mr. Raizada", she answered coolly. She hadn't expected anything better from him anyways. He was a horrid bitter man, and not even god could change that fact, let alone the three years that they had spent apart.

The atmosphere in the conference hall had suddenly gotten very thick. And taking the uncomfortable silence as a cue, everybody dispersed.

Arnav and Dhruv were the only ones that remained. And before Arnav could exit Dhruv stopped him.

"Mr. Raizada!
I am well aware of your behaviour with your employees. Frankly speaking, it's none of my business. You may behave with them in which ever manner that pleases you. But the way you behave with my employees is a matter of concern to me . 

You try using that kind of tone with any of my employees one more time, and I assure you, the consequences won't be pretty", and with that said, he gave Arnav one last cold look, and went out in search of Khushi.

Arnav knew that he had most certainly crossed his limit today. That was no way to behave in a professional environment. He shouldn't have said that.
Deciding it best to go and apologise to Khushi for his misbehaviour, he headed out in search of her. Peeping through the entrance of the workshop that had been assigned to Khushi and her team, he saw that it was completely deserted. He was just pondering over where to look next, when he saw Khushi emerge through the store room on the other side of the workshop, to have rose petals showered on her from above. They had been apparently set above the door connecting the two rooms.

Khushi stepped out of the store room after having checked all the fabric that had come in that morning, when she was surprised by a soft sensation, gliding over her from above. She spread her palms forward, to have rose petals get caught in them. She twirled around happily as the petals continued to cascade down on her from above, and let out a beautiful laugh, devoid of all her worry and stress.

"Zindagi Mein Kuch Lamhe "Khaas" Ban Gaye..."

Khushi halted when she heard this much familiar musical voice.

"...Jo Mile Thhe Woh "Mulaqaat" Ban Gaye..."

She turned around, to see him marching towards her with open arms, a smile playing on his lips.

"...Jo Bichade Thhe Woh "Yaad" Ban Gaye..."

He bent down on his knees forth her. As he took her hands in his, and pressed them to his heart

"...Or Jo Dil Se Na Gaye Woh "Aap" Ban Gaye"

He finished, kissing her hand tenderly.
Khushi's smiled widened at this dramatic gesture, and she began to giggle silently. 

"You are the single most filmy guy I have ever known..."

Eyes red, fists clenched, body stiff. Arnav Singh Raizada bore all the signs of a disturbed man as he stood outside the glass doors, peering at the dramatic display of affection inside.

This was a new guy.
Here he had been blowing his brains out getting around the first villain in the picture, Dhruv Singhania, that another one had waltzed in. And this one had a thing for sweet talk it seemed! What with all the rose petals and the sickening urdu! Arnav was sure he'd get a diabetes attack there and then!

And to make matters worse they were hugging and just not letting go!

"What the...!"


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