Tuesday, 14 February 2012


It was one in the afternoon now, and Khushi had still not reached the office.
And Aman had said that she was not answering her mobile.
And no one at home was answering the land line.

Frustrated, Arnav banged his fist on the table.
How was he supposed to make life miserable for her if she won't even come!
But why was he bothering himself with her so much.
She was all he could think about!!
There was something that was pulling him to her, something that demanded his entire attention be fixated on her at all times.
He ran his hand through his hair helplessly.
What was wrong with him!

He was just trying to protect himself and his family from her.
Of course!
What else could it be!!

He'd go home himself and teach her a lesson.

So he got up, and informing Aman, left for RM.


Since this was Raizada khandan's first great grand child, their heir, her eldest grandsn's child, Nani had decided to donate clothes and food amongst the poor.
She had also given out crore of rupees worth land to NGOs for building schools, hospitals and shelters for the poor.
And all this was to be given out by her badi bahu's hands.

So everybody, the entire family as well as all the servants had gone to the ashram where this ceremony was being held.

By the time it was almost concluded, Khushi felt very tired, so she excused herself and left for home with the driver.

She reached home and went to take a shower.


Arnav reached home, and found RM completely empty.

Where was everybody??

Not even the servants were in sight.

He decided to go to Khushi's room and check.

He entered and heard the shower running in the bathroom.

Accha mauka hai!
Iske kamre ki talashi le leta hun, shayad iske khilaaf koi proof mil jaaye mujhe.

And so, he slowly closed the door behind him and started searching Khushi's room for something fishy.

He checked all the drawers, the dressing table, the wardrobe, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

There was a small store room cum dressing room attached to Khushi's room, that had a glass wall separating it from the main room. And the glass was such that you could look into the room through it, but not the other way around.

Arnav started going through the things there, when he heard the click of the door, and turned to meet the most heavenly sight!!

Khushi had stepped out of the bathroom completely wet, with a very short towel covering her, but failing miserably in its futile attempt.

It was tied right above the peaks of her visibly soft and lush breasts, leaving almost all of them bare, and very little to the imagination. The towel ended a little below her waist, not covering the delicious triangle between her thighs.

Arnav swallowed hard.

And her wet hair were not helping either.

Very slowly and seductively, as if on purpose, she began her sweet torture. She turned around, giving him a generous view of her sexy behind, and walked to her dressing table to retrieve her body lotion. Arnav watched her hips bounce in awe, wondering what the rest of her would look like. And as if reading his mind, she settled down on the bed and pulled the towel off of her body.

Desire shot through his agonised body, as he witnessed her bare herself forth, giving him an unobstructed view of her delicious body.

Her soft lush breasts hung down her chest, beckoning his hands to take possession of them, their pink firm buds, just waiting to be caressed. Her navel, calling out to his tongue to penetrate it. And her feminine core, summoning his mouth to pleasure her with ecstasy.

And as if he wasn't harassed enough, she poured some lotion onto her hands, and began to massage it all over her body.

Arnav slumped to the floor in physical agony, as he saw Khushi rub the lotion all over her body with both of her hands. Her hands moved in a circular rhythm, from her neck to her chest, as she cupped both her lush mounds and massaged them.
Arnav banged his fist against the glass wall separating them with the wanton desire to replace her hands with his.

He groaned as Khushi spread both her legs out wide, giving him a clear view of what was between them, and rubbed the lotion on the rest of her body.
Then she got off the bed, and pulling out her clothes from the wardrobe, began to dress up with a slow torturous speed.

Once done, she opened her hair to let them dry, and then put on her duppatta.

Arnav by now was so aroused, that he could not even move any more.

Oblivious to the havoc that she had created in someone on the other side of the glass door, Khushi unlocked the main door, and left the room.

And in his helpless state Arnav failed to see the Mangalsutra and sindoor that lay besides his photo on a tiny dressing table in the small room...

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