Sunday, 12 February 2012


Arnav flung Khushi down on his bed as he turned around to lock the door behind him.
Just an hour back she had been accusing him of being slow and passive. Well he was going to show her how fast and impassive he could be.

Khushi gulped as she saw Arnav turn around, a feral glint in his dark eyes. Today had been a roller coaster ride. First she had screamed at Arnav and confessed her feelings unknowingly in the process. Then he had kissed her and confessed his! Then he had flung her over his shoulder and literally carried her to the marriage registrar's office, called his famous Aman and Lalit to sign as witnesses on a fifteen minutes' notice, threatening to bury them alive if they did not make it, and then married a bewildered Khushi.

And if that was not enough excitement for one day, he had carried her to his bedroom through the empty Raizada Mansion[since everybody was attending a satsang], and declared his intentions of celebrating his suhaag raat.

"Ar...Arnav Ji...", Khushi stammered. Clearly horrified witless. 
"Dekhiye...yeh sab bahaut ja...jaldi ho raha hai...hum..hume sab ko pehle bata dena chahiye...waise to hume aise bina kisi ko bataye shaadi hi nahi karni chahiye", Khushi screamed, as Arnav pounced on her, and silenced her by another ferocious kiss.

"Bahaut bolti ho tum", he whispered as they broke apart a few minutes later, breathless.

Khushi looked up into his passion filled eyes. They had both fought it very long. And she did not think she could anymore. If he pursued her now, she knew she'd give in.

Arnav sensuously rubbed his palm up Khushi's heaving breasts, and up her smooth, bare skin to her neck. Her dupatta had been discarded during the kiss, and his hand was at leisure feeling her delicate neck. He bent down and kissed her at the base of her throat, his fingers tickling her as they continued to massage her bare skin above the neckline of her kurta. 

Khushi let out a soft moan as his fingers played havoc with her senses. Arnav groaned at this as plunged hir mouth to caress what his hand had been playing with all this while. Khushi moaned even more loudly as Arnav dug his face into the crook of her neck, kissing and sucking all around it passionately. He held her bum in place to steady her withering form, and slid them up onto her thighs. Then he slid them up her thighs, through her torso, and rubbing past her abdomen, came to rest them on her breasts. 

Khushi jerked as she felt his hands on her chest. She began to breathe even more heavily, unknowingly pushing her mounds into his hands harder. Arnav felt his body tighten as Khushi's full soft breasts forced their way into his hands shamelessly. He could feel her buds push through the fabric of her clothes, and press against his palms. Unable to contain himself, he squeezed his hands to feel her softness. 

Khushi yelped at Arnav's sudden roughness. Although her body seemed to like it. 
"Ar..Arnavv...", she moaned.

All of Arnav's control snapped at this as he pulled her up and seated her between his legs, her back facing his torso. Then he pulled her dori open and stripped her kurta down to her waist. Not ready for this sudden move, Khushi brought her hands up to cover her bare self, only to be halted by Arnav's arms, holding them down with one of his hands. His other hand glided along her bare shoulder and slid into her bra, holding her cups. 
Khushi shivered at this assault to her assets and continued to moan loudly as Arnav's hand played havoc with her yet untouched breasts, and then finally tore her bra away.

Retreating both his hands Arnav stripped off his shirt, throwing it away and pulled Khushi's now completely bare upper half against his own bare chest. Khushi felt like she was on fire the moment their skins came into contact. She wrapped her arms around his back and reciprocated his caresses.

He then pushed her down onto the bed, still entangled with her body as they both kissed each other furiously. His hands roamed all over her and then slid down her navel and in between her thighs. 

Khushi whimpered as tears came out of her eyes. Arnav's body stilled as he felt moisture on his cheek. Looking up he saw her eyes full, her lips trembling, and a scared look on her face.

"Dammit...", he murmured. Retreating his hand from her wet core and then pulling her half naked body into a hug. "I'm...I'm sorry...", he whispered apologetically. He had gone and scared her again. And witless this time. Oh dear god! Did he force himself on her! She was so young and naive, she probably did not even know what he was doing to her! God he was such a monster! She very rightly called him a Rakshas.

"Khushi..Khu..Khushi... Look at me Khushi. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have... I shouldn't have forceed you like this. I just did not realize that I was... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to force you. I just.. I got carried away...please Khushi...don't..don't cry...", Arnav spoke desperately, cupping her tear stained face.

"You are happy about our wedding, right? I did want to marry me, right? I know I'm a Rakshas and all but I just...I did everything so fast...I didn't even ask you! You know how I am...I am as silly as they come! Please forgive me..."

Khushi's eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. He thought she regretted marrying him. Never in a million years!

"No Arnav JI... you're getting it all wrong. I..I'd never regret marrying you", she spoke between sniffs. "I agree that it was a little too sudden and that we should've told everyone first. But I'm very happy to be bound to you in this sacred relationship! I'm crying because's just that I...", Khushi faltered.

"I what Khushi? Why are yo crying then?", Arnav asked tenderly, looking down into her face worriedly. 

"I...actually I'm just...I'm not used to be touch...touched like this. I..have ...never gotten so close to anyone before... I just got a little...little sca...scared", she stammered, thoroughly embarrassed. Although she did enjoy what he was doing to her feminine parts, specially the one between her legs.

Arnav sighed as he understood. His little wife was too inexperienced and naive to be able to take his almost animalistic physical demands. Pulling her closer to himself he kissed the top of her head and said
"I'm sorry. I should've considered that. Don't be afraid. We'll take it slowly. Don't worry. I'm not gonna rush you into anything against your will."

Khushi looked up and smiled at him with gratitude. He was the best! 

They had been resting with their arms around each other for quiet a while when Arnav whispered to Khushi. 
"Can we try something for the beginning. Just to acquaint you with the art of love making"
Khushi looked up into his expectant face and smiled shyly. How could she ever refuse him!

Reading her approval in her eyes Arnav slid his hand between her legs gently. Khushi jerked, only to be pulled closer by Arnav's other arm. 
"Relax... Just feel me", and Khushi closed her eyes, snuggling into his chest, tightening her hold around his torso as his hand cupped her core, rubbing it gently to send ecstasy coursing through her body. 

After being pleasured for an hour by Arnav's magical hand, moaning incessantly all the while, Khushi had drifted off to sleep feeling dizzy. Then when she had finally woken up she had been told to get ready. They had to do what they should've done before. 
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  1. I read the whole story in one go wish you would update your an fiction you left unfinished they all were originals in their own right hope you update them