Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Arnav decided to start with the second problem.
INFO 2- He has supposedly lost his memory of last 3 yrs.

Now, he couldn't talk to either his family members, or his staff regarding this.
If it was indeed true, then they had all kept it from him all this time, hence, he was sure that everybody had strict full proof instructions regarding it.

The only way to solve this problem was to go to its origin.

If he had indeed lost his memory, then it had to be the consequence of this accident, 'cause it was only post it that his life had become a maze.
He should begin by paying the hospital a visit...


Arnav stood in front of the door that said "CONFIDENTIAL" in big bold red letters.
It held all the records of the VIP and the VVIP patients.
And they were all in hard copy, since these were very important, and the hospital couldn't risk their leak by storing them in a computer, that was prone to viruses and hackers.

It was midnight, when minimum staff was on patrol, and Arnav Singh Raizada could easily buy his way in.

This wasn't how he'd have preferred to do it, but it seemed to be his only choice, as his family had apparently been very sly about with holding this certain piece of information from him and had really gone out of the way to conceal facts.

Hence, hiring a detective company had been ruled out since he didn't want any kind of vulnerable connections in his investigation that could give his mission away.

Even the doctor had just brushed off his enquiries regarding his reports, and refused to hand them over to him, using his Nani's name for an excuse, saying that Ms. Singh Raizada didn't want him to bother himself with it.

This refusal had only further cemented his suspicions, and he had proved that if his family was using their Singh Raizada approach to fool him, he too belonged to the same genre of people as them.
Better yet, he was THE Arnav Singh Raizada.

He had bribed the peon in charge of the keys to the entire hospital very generously, and now stood forth the infamous door with its key in his hands.

He unlocked it and finally entered...



Fractured wrist
Wound to the head

This was the part of his twelve page medical report that his eyes had now come to rest on and were refusing to move away from.

He had indeed lost his memory...


Arnav now changed the status of INFO 2

INFO 2- He has supposedly lost his memory of last 3 yrs.

He had read the explanation that the medical team had given for his condition, and then had gone on to consult other doctors who were wholly unconnected with his case to make sure that his undertaking remained anonymous.
They had explained to him everything in great detail, and had told him that in such a situation the patient should not be informed about his condition for his well being.
But since he had found out the truth, they had suggested him treatment that wouldn't let his knowledge affect his mind.

He now understood why his family was keeping the truth from him...
They obviously loved him a lot, that was why they had planned everything so well, but alas, their plan had fallen short due to the disloyalty of one of their most trusted employees...PAM.
But he'd deal with her after he found out the entire truth...


His third plan of action was to find out who exactly Khushi was married to.

Well she didn't wear any signs of her marriage, but since she had been accused of two husbands within a span of three years, one ought to be it.

He secretly wished that it was him, but wouldn't really admit to it.
Whatever was this connection that he felt with her would have to wait, these feelings would have to wait, wait for when he knew the entire truth and had time to dwell over abstract issues.


Arnav had sent the photographs that Pam had given him for authenticity verification, and was impatiently waiting for the results to return from the lab...

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