Tuesday, 14 February 2012


So she really had been his wife.

Whatever may have been Pam's agenda behind ratting out the Singh Raizada family to Arnav, there definitely had been some truth to what she had told him.
The wedding photographs were authentic.

Khushi Kumari Gupta was now Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada.

This revelation changed certain things on his white board.

INFO 3- Khushi is presently married to his brother Dhruv.

INFO 6 [A]- Khushi was his(Arnav's) wife.
                  DEPOSIT BOX

INFO 6 [B]- Khushi had divorced Arnav.


Arnav kept his gaze fixed at Khushi as she went about serving Akash and Arjun their Lucknowy breakfast.

She had been his wife.
She had been his wife, and she hadn't told him that yet! In fact no one had!
But he'd soon find out the whole truth. He was Arnav Singh Raizada after all! And he hadn't become this great business tycoon by hanging on to loose facts. He always got them right, and there was no way he was going to let this matter rest.

Khushi excused herself to go to the kitchen, and Arnav went after her.

She was trying to get something down from the cupboard, but wasn't able to reach it.
That was when she felt the warm breaths of her husband on her neck, and his arm encircled her waist.
The other reached out and grabbed hold of her hand that was trying to reach the bottle of olive oil.

Khushi shivered with her first physical contact with her husband in weeks.

A fuzzy feeling unfolded itself in the pit of her stomach, as she felt the baby's activity caused by the touch of his father a few layers of flesh and cloth above him on his mumma's belly.

The touch that he had been longing for.

Arnav felt Khushi groan and hold onto her belly.

"Are you alright", he asked looking worried.

She was unable to say anything with the emotions that she was overwhelmed with due to this first exchange of soft and caring words with him in weeks, and she made to rush out, lest she broke down in front of him. But her effort to escape him went in vain as he held her back with his arms wrapped around her gently yet firmly, not allowing her the escape.

"Khushi look at me", he spoke gently as he cupped her face in his right hand and tilted it upwards to face him, his left arm still wrapped around her waist.

Tears rolled down Khushi's eyes as she looked up into her husband's comforting warm brown eyes, and the tenderness that she saw in their depths broke her heart as she realised how much she had missed his warmth and love. The realisation of this emptiness shrouding her heart within seconds converted the silent tears into sobs, and the sobs into yelps, as she threw her arms around his waist and buried her face into his chest, letting the dam of her sorrow break.

Arnav held onto Khushi's petite body as it shook violently from her sobs. Her tears seeped through the fabric of his shirt and ripped his heart out as he tried in vain to appease her sorrow.
"Shh' shh.. Khushi' no honey, don't cry. Everything will be alright baby. I promise. Shh'", he whispered sweet nothings into her ears as he stroked her hair down her back gently, holding her close to him. Then he very gently lifted her up, and carried her to his room. He closed the door behind him with his foot and carrying her to his bed, and laid her down carefully on top of it. He covered her with a duvet and telling her to rest made to turn away when he felt a soft tug at his hand.
"Please don't leave me'", Khushi pleaded through her sobs, the fear of separating from him again tearing her to pieces.

One look at her tear stained face, and he knew. Wife or not, there was no way in hell he was leaving her like that. And with that resolve, he slid into the duvet besides her and pulled her in his arms. Placing feather light kisses all over her face, he continued to caress her body with his till her sobs had subsided, and she had fallen into a peaceful slumber.

Arnav watched her drift off and knew that he had to figure it all out fast.
Whatever it was that was going on, she was obviously suffering because of it. And though he didn't know why, he did know that he could not let this suffering go on for much longer. He had to put an end to it, and soon at that. 

He was no fool.
If he had married Khushi, then he would have made sure that her intentions were noble, and that she really was faithful to him.
And the thing making his plight regarding all the confusion worse was that he couldn't remember anything regarding his relationship with her, so how'd he determine whether or not she truly loved him.

He couldn't ask his family members to tell him the truth. 'Cause if this all was in fact a trap woven by Khushi, then he'd no more have the means to find out the absolute truth. Nor could he strain his mind trying to remember things from the past. The doctors had advised him strictly against it.
Torn in this fight between his head and his heart, he figured it best to find out the truth the way he had been so far. 

He'd have to use the means of sleuthing for as he had...


And he was back.

Back in front of the room he had only broken in the night before. 
It was again midnight, and he again held the key to the 'CONFIDENTIAL' door forth him.

This had taken another round of bribing, and the peon wondered why he hadn't taken all the information on his first visit.



said Khushi's maternity report.
But that didn't prove things did it? Although it did flush his insides with warmth, mirth and relief, it still had to be cross checked.

And then there was the issue of Dhruv being a potential second husband. So if he was Khushi's present husband, why the hell was she pregnant with Arnav's child! When had this alleged divorce taken place exactly! Khushi didn't strike to him as the type who'd cheat on her husband. This whole thing was a huge mess!

The maternity report held the address to the lab where all of Khushi's pregnancy tests had been carried out.

As per the medical report, the Singh Raizadas had had the baby also tested for potential congenital diseases and suspected abnormalities, just to make sure that everything was normal.

Which it was.

But in the process a DNA test of the baby had also been performed.
So now all he had to do was to have a paternity test done, and that would clear the air regarding the ambiguous father of Khushi's child.


Arnav had contacted the said lab, and under a bond of secrecy, had had them send over the baby's DNA test reports.

He had then sent the report with his own sample to another lab for a paternity test, and was now waiting for the results.

Meanwhile, he figured it best to do some other research.

He decided to pay the marriage registrar's office a visit.

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  1. muahha i just had the absurd image of Arnav dressed in black from head to toe tip-toeing around RM crouching behind plants and giving everyone shifty eyes! i love your fic!!