Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Khushi looked into his innocent expectant eyes, as if he was still her old Arnav. The Arnav who loved her and remembered everything about their relationship. The Arnav who she could tell about their child.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she nodded down at him, and taking both his hands in his, guided them to her waist. Warmth spread through her being as his warm hands came in contact with her waist, and she felt his hands sear her flesh.

Arnav too was jolted at the contact. She was softer than he had imagined her to be. Ever since he had seen her little strip tease, not a night had passed that he hadn’t gone to bed with a cold shower. Not a night had passed that he hadn’t had passionate lascivious dreams about her. Not a night had passed that he hadn’t ached with the need to cover the short distance between their rooms and make violent love to her, claim her as his own. But he had restrained himself. Known that it was only a matter of time before he had proof that she rightfully belonged to him, and then all her nights would be his. He knew that she was his. He could feel it in his bones. He just wanted to seal it with certainty before he took possession of her body, and her soul.

He massaged her naked waist with his hands, pushing the pallu of her saree aside a little, and lowered his head to touch her belly. He rubbed his stubble against her soft skin, as his hands continued to stroke the rest of her waist. He pushed his nose into her navel, eliciting a slight gasp from her, before he kissed the same spot.

Khushi sighed as Arnav continued to caress her midriff, completely unaware of the ways he was assaulting her senses. She was a pregnant woman, deprived of her husband’s love. A woman who had wanted him to comfort her, make love to her, and make her feel special for the life that she was cradling in her womb.
Their life.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she felt this hole in her heart deeper than ever.

He then looked up at her, his eyes glazed with raw desire, and Khushi felt her resolve weaken, and all rational thought leave her.

Arnav felt himself drown more and more into the feeling of belonging that holding her to himself had washed over him. The feel of her flesh against his evoking new desires in him, that seemed oddly familiar yet novel. And with this desire the memory of her naked body came rushing back to him, as he felt himself harden with need. The urge to see her unclothed before him and to touch her overtook his being.
He looked up at her, only to see the raw desire in his eyes, mirrored in hers. The vulnerable look on her face was his undoing, as he reached up and kissed the tears on her face.

Khushi continued to shed tears, and Arnav continued to kiss them away, till the tears lay forgotten, and he was kissing her all over her face and her neck feverishly.
Khushi tangled her fingers in his hair, and pulled him closer to herself. He pulled her pallu away completely and threw it on the ground.
His hands began to move on her breasts over the blouse urgently, feeling the contours of her shapely mounds, swollen even more due to her pregnancy. He could feel her nipples hard with desire through the thin fabric.

Khushi moaned in ecstasy as Arnav’s hands massaged her breasts, she ached for his hands to get rid of her blouse, and touch her bare assets. Then as if sensing what she wanted, he tore at the hooks of her blouse, and pushed it aside to reveal her milky white, lush breasts barely covered in her black lacy strapless bra. Her taut, rosy nipples peeped through the lacy material, beckoning Arnav to take them in his mouth and make love to them.  He tore the blouse hanging off of her shoulders away, and slipped both his hands inside her bra.

Khushi shuddered at the contact, and writhed in need. She wanted more.


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