Tuesday, 14 February 2012


His hands cupped both her breasts, and then squeezed them, eliciting a sexy whimper from her. His thumbs rubbed her nipples, and he pressed them none too gently between his index finger and his thumb. 

“Oh dear god!”, Khushi yelped as he squeezed her buds. She grabbed on to the slab of the sink for support as Arnav continued to massage her soft breasts in circular motions. The bra had now receded just below her bust, while his hands continued to work their magic on her soft mounds.

He then bent forward, and took one of the aroused peaks into his mouth. Lathering the bruised nipple with his tongue to soothe the pain, and then sucked on it.

Khushi freed one of her hands from grasping at the slab, and caught hold of his head from behind. She then pulled it closer to her chest, guiding his head to pleasure her other aching mound as well.

Arnav licked and sucked every inch of her breasts, while his hands wound around her waist, pulling her as close to him as possible. Khushi arched into Arnavs naked torso, her head thrown back in passion, enjoying the feel of his flesh on hers.

He unravelled her saree, and pulled at the strings of her petticoat. He then pulled her up and off the stool that she had been sitting on, leaving her petticoat behind.

Khushi wrapped her now bare legs around his waist, her hands wound around his shoulders. Back arched, she moaned. She had no knowledge of what was happening to her. All she was aware of, was Arnav’s mouth sucking on her breasts, and his hands wrapped around her behind. Then she felt herself be hoisted in to the air, and then dumped onto something soft.

Arnav had carried Khushi to the massage table, and put her down on her back. He then let go of her reluctantly, and went to turn on the steam in the massage cubicle.

Khushi felt the warmth of Arnav’s body leave her and moaned her disapproval. Her arms flailed forward, trying to catch on to his retreating form.

Arnav turned back around, and gazed down at the nude wanton goddess that lay forth him. Her body undraped except for the thin black pair of lacy panties that shielded the last bit of her from him. Her flesh flushed with desire, hair messed up, lips swollen. She gazed up at him imploringly, her eyes beckoning him with an alluring vulnerability to fulfil her wishes and complete her.

She watched dazed, as Arnav walked towards her predatorily, and climbed onto the massage table and loomed over her on all fours. He then bent down and took her lips in his in a searing kiss. Her hands slid across his chest and grazed his nipples. Arnav grunted at this and deepened the kiss, making her whimper.

While Khushi was busy responding to the invasion of Arnav’s lips on hers, his hands with a mind of their own slid down the valley of her breasts, through her torso, down her navel and in between her thighs. He caressed the satiny cloth shielding her womanhood with his fingers, only to find it wet with desire.

Khushi involuntarily tightened her thighs around his hand, digging her nails into his back at the invasion. Arnav slipped his hand through her wet panties to cup her wet core.
Khushi was jolted out of her passion filled haze at this intrusion into the depths of her body. Really crashed back down onto her as she realised what she was doing. If this happened, if they indeed made love, questions would follow. And what would she do then. What would she tell him. She couldn’t risk this! The doctor had clearly told them to not divulge any details to him about his past life at all, unless he remembered something himself.
Tears rained down her eyes as she fought for control and tried to pry his hands off of her.

Arnav was rudely interrupted as Khushi shoved him away from herself. She then sat up and tried to push him off of herself as he now sat on her thighs atop the massage table.

“Get off of me!” Khushi whimpered as tears choked her. Unable to push his stout body away, helplessness took over as she felt her situation more wretched than ever. Her body trembled with sobs as she beat his chest with her tiny fists.

Arnav looked on shocked at the sudden change in her demeanour. He couldn’t comprehend what had just happened! One minute he was in the process of making love to her, and the next she was pushing him away. She looked distraught. For a reason unknown to him, he couldn’t see her like this. Her tears tore at his heart, as he caught both of her fists in his large hands and tried to control her hysterics.

Khushi struggled against his strength in futile as she tried to get away from him. She herself didn’t know what she wanted. Whether she wanted to be with him or push him away. Why did things have to be so complicated?

Arnav pulled a sobbing yet violent Khushi into his arms, wrapping both his arms around her tightly to prevent her from breaking away. No matter how much she struggled, she was no match for his strength, and eventually her struggle diminished, and then finally ceased. Her hands finally fell to her sides, as she resigned herself to him and sobbed into his chest. He hid her head in the crook of his neck and stroked her hair and her back. As her whimpers subsided, Arnav pulled back and took her mouth into his own in a gentle comforting kiss. Then he lifted her in his arms and carried her outside to his bed. He laid her down and dimmed the lights. Covering her shivering body with his, he continued to kiss her senseless, taking her pain away.

Khushi felt her grief ebb away as Arnav’s warmth enveloped her. She rubbed her hands on his body. From his chest to his back, her small hands trailed over his hard muscles.
Arnav felt her respond to him. Her tiny hands explored his body, and his muscles  flexed under her touch. He moved away from her and atop her thighs. Then hooking his fingers through the elastic of her underwear on either side of her hips he slowly pulled it down, sliding it over her thighs, past her knees, and then finally out from under her feet. He threw it away and let his gaze travel slowly up the line between her legs. From between her feet, through her shins, knees, thighs, and then finally coming to rest on the delicate symbol of her femininity. He then let his hands follow the same path, rubbing the flushed flesh, the friction heightening both of their senses.

Khushi writhed in agony as Arnav’s hands travelled up her body torturously, and then stiffened as they came to rest on her thighs just below her vagina. His hands moved between her legs, faintly brushing against the lips of her womanhood and nudged them apart. Khushi resisted the intrusion, but to no avail.

He parted her reluctant legs and massaged her inner thighs. Khushi clawed the pillows as her body jerked in need. He touched every part of her mid section, except for the part that craved for him the most.

She was begging him now to touch her. The agony was too much for her to bear.
“What do you want honey? Tell me what you want?”
“You! I want you!”

Arnav obliged.

Extending his hand, he ran his thumb along her pink lips.
“Gosh you’re so wet!”

Khushi shuddered at the contact, biting into the pillow to stifle her moan.

Then holding both her thighs in place apart with his hands, he bent down and ran his tongue along the same line. He licked her vagina from its entrance up to her clitoris. Then he flicked his tongue outwards from her inner lips, causing her hips to writhe against his head. Tightening his hold on her thighs to keep them in place, he sucked her lips into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue.

Her pupils dilated as Arnav thrust his tongue into her warm, moist folds. His tongue moved in and out of her slowly, all the while sucking on her lips. Feeling her body tense up, he increased the pressure of his tongue, and then thrust one finger into her moist depths. He continued to suck her clitoris while his fingers moved in and out of her repeatedly in a rhythm. He then hooked his finger inside her and rubbed her nub.

“Oh god! You’re killing me!”, Khushi cried at the sweet painful torture.

Arnav increased the pace of his ministrations, his fingers thrusting faster, and his tongue flickering harder, till he felt her body tighten and then shudder uncontrollably as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Unable to ignore his own cravings any longer, he got rid of his pants and his underwear, and thrust into her aching moist depths. He took her mouth in a searing kiss as he rocked into her back and forth.

Khushi tasted her own release on his mouth, as she rocked her hips back and forth to match his rhythm. Her finger nails sketching the proof of their passion into his back, the pain only urging him to thrust faster.

His pace picked up, and catching hold of the bed post to support his weight, he slammed into her harder, again and again, till she was whimpering his name over and over again with each thrust. They both came at the same time, as their bodies tensed up and shuddered as they cried their release. Waves of ecstasy washed over them and Arnav collapsed on top of her. 


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