Wednesday, 15 February 2012



Khushi looked adoringly at her husband's handsome face in the photo frame. His deep dark brown eyes, his long lashes, his perfect lips, his manly stubble, only to be completed by the stubborn expression that adorned his face.

He was just so cute!!
Though others found him rather scary, Khushi found her husband's way of running everything around according to himself very, very cute. The way he'd get all full of himself and say
"Arnav Singh Raizada doesn’t strike loose deals, he always means business!", Khushi imitated him.
"What the…!", she exclaimed in his trademark annoyed voice, and then burst into peals of laughter.
He was so cute!!!!!!!

Khushi was standing in front of her dressing table, dressed in a beautiful red saree, with a very sexy blouse, that was backless except for the thin excuse for a strap running through the middle of her back.
She wore beautiful gold ornaments with it, a big necklace, big earrings, and her mother in law’s golden bangles that Arnav had given her on their first anniversary.

And today was their second, and Arnav was returning home from a business trip to UK.

And Khushi had a huge surprise planned for him.

No, it was not the heavily decorated poolside in orchids and candles.

It was not even close to what Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada had in store for himself when he returned.

The surprise was the life growing inside Khushi that was already 4 weeks old and was burning in desire for papa to return home and run havoc with happiness on finding out about this little Raizada that was to be born in another 8 months.

Khushi's face was glowing brighter than the moon tonight and the moonlight streaming through the window paled forth her glow.

She shyly covered her face with her hands when she thought about the shock that she was about to give her handsome husband.

She knew how much he had secretly longed for this.
And knew the moment he found out, he'd kiss her crazy.
She blushed a deep hue of red when she thought about what was to happen when he found out.
She giggled nervously.

Just then her phone rang and as she answered it, all glow and blush left her face as she turned pale and rushed out screaming for Anjali and Nani Ji.


"Don't worry Mrs. Raizada, your husband is absolutely fine.
It was just a minor accident.
He is under sedatives right now so you won't be able to meet him.
We'll keep him under observation for a few days since the wound is to the head, then you can take him home."

The doctor said to a very worried Khushi.

"Bhabhi, please relax!
Bro will be alright!!
He's the toughest Raizada alive!
Nothing's going to happen to him.
Trust me.
Just please, sit down."

and with this Akash forced her into her seat besides Nani Ji.

Their anniversary was turning out to be a complete disaster!!


Two hours later, the doctor returned to say that Arnav had regained consciousness.
"Only one person at a time", he said and left.

Khushi looked at Nani Ji, and when she nodded her approval, walked into Arnav's ward.

Her heart bled when she saw him lying on the hospital bed, his forehead bandaged.

She extended her hand and gently caressed his cheek, smiling through her tears.

Arnav softly opened his eyes at this delicate touch, but as soon as he saw the owner of the hand that caressed him, the peace in him turned to fury as he barked at her

"Arnav! You scared the hell out of me!!", Khushi sobbed.

Without hearing her reply Arnav went on.
"Arnav, what the hell are you talking about?", Khushi asked confused.

“Exactly what business do you have coming here! Even after the way I showed you your place in Lucknow, you’re still after me ! If you think that I will fall for your charm and help put you out of your poverty, then you have the wrong man Khushi Kumari Gupta!
You don’t know what I’m capable of, the last time I let you go easy, but this time… ahh…”

Arnav cried out in pain, as the strain of shouting so much hurt his wounded head.

"Arnav careful!
You’ve just been in an accident, you shouldn’t strain yourself thus!” and saying this Khushi extended her hand to touch Arnav but before she could he shouted.


Khushi stumbled back in shock!!!
What was up with Arnav?
Why was he behaving like this?
Clutching her mangalsutra, she ran out,’cause she knew that something was very wrong...


"It's partial amnesia."
The doctor addressed the Raizada family sitting forth him.

"Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada has no memory of his married life.
He remembers the last three years as spent just the way he had been spending his life before that.
Our tests reveal that due to his accident, the memory centre of his brain has been affected. Wiping clean his memory of the last three years.
So to fill in this void of three years his brain has conjured up, fabricated memories of its own from the time prior to that.
So he thinks that these past 3 years were just like the ones before them, making them normal.
Hence he has no recollection of the special, out of ordinary events that took place in this period, like his marriage."

Khushi sobbed into Anjali's arms.

"Will his memory ever return Doc?", questioned Akash.

"It's hard to say.
Time will have to tell"

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