Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The nerve of that girl!!!
She came in, pretending to be all concerned!!!
How desperate can people be!!!
I know exactly who she is.
She is a gold digging bitch!

"Huhh..!!!", Arnav muttered to himself, disgusted.

Why did women have to sink so low!
He had had enough experience with her kind…they were all the same!
He was sure this Khushi Kumari Gupta was up to the same thing!
But he was well equipped with experience! And he'd  be damned if he fell for her drama!


"So doc, according to you we are not supposed to tell bro about his marriage, nor mine and Anjali di's "

"Absolutely not!!
That would put unnecessary load on his brain, which is not at all good in his condition.
Let him get accustomed to his surroundings, and let the small changes settle in first.
Then gradually with time he may begin to recognise the bigger changes in his life.
And if god is with us, one day he'll surely recognise Mrs. Raizada.", the doctor addressed Akash.

"So that means that Anjali will have to go back to living at RM", spoke a slightly dejected Arjun, who obviously didn't want to part from his dear wife.
"And I'll have to move out", added Khushi.
"But I can't leave Arnav alone like this, I want to take care of him, but he won't even let me come close to him, he hates me!!"

“You don’t worry about Arnav, honey! We’re all there for him.”

“But I’m going to have to leave, right?”

"You can come live at our place", suggested Arjun.

"Yeah Khushi! While I live at RM, and take care of Chote, you can make sure that Arjun doesn't make a complete mess of the house"

"But Bhabhi needs looking after right now!!",

"What do you mean?", asked Arjun.

Akash and Khushi exchanged glances.
Akash knew about the surprise Khushi had planned for Arnav ‘cause he had accidently read Khushi's reports.
"Khushi Bhabhi here's going to deliver a young angry Arnav Singh Raizada!!!", Akash finally revealed.

came 3 shocked voices.

The shock on their faces was replaced with happiness as they all hugged and kissed a very flustered Khushi.

But she suddenly became sad again. 
"Arnav would’ve been besides himself when he would’ve found out that he was going to become a father.” She said with glazed eyes. “But now I can’t tell him anything!”, and she burst into tears. “Forget telling him, I can’t even go near him! He hates me! Thinks that I’m a gold-digger! This wretched, wretched situation!”

"Oh, common Khushi! This isn’t as bad as you think! Bhai remembers you from Lucknow, not what all happened after that. Things will improve, trust me!"

“You really think so?” she sniffed as she addressed Akash.

“Yes I do! Bhai loves you. We all know that. But you know how he is. It’s very difficult getting through to him. You did it once. I’m sure you can do it again.”

“But that’ll take time. Which means that I’ll have to stay away from him until then.”

“Don’t worry worry Khushi bitiya! I have a plan to get you back into the house. Just go stay with Arjun till I get it all sorted out. And don’t cry. I don’t want my grandchild to get upset because mommy’s crying!” Nani said while wiping her tears.


"Careful Chote!"

Said Nani as she with the two other Raizada siblings lead Arnav into his room
The room had been restored to its former dull self, and all of Khushi's belongings moved to the room next to Arnav's.
Though Khushi wasn't here right now. She was at Arjun's till Nani worked her mastermind plan and got Khushi into the mansion.


"Arnav, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something of importance", Nani very carefully worded the situation at the dining table.

Arnav looked up from his breakfast and regarded his grandmother. “What is it Nani?”

“Well, you see, Ms. Mona has taken a couple of months off to go visit her niece in the Andamans, leaving her job as custodian to our property unattended.”

“She should’ve taken care of it before she went.” He replied over his coffee.

“Oh! But she did. She had recommended someone for the job. According to her she’s very good, she’ll do it with utmost regard and sincerity. All you have to do is sign her appointment letter and this contract. And then we can hire her.”

“Fine, whatever!” Arnav exclaimed and quickly signed the papers presented to him by Akash. Anything to get the constant nagging off his back. Then shoving aside his table napkin, he marched off to his study to update himself with his work, since he wasn't allowed to go to the office, no matter how much he tried to convince them that he was feeling alright.

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