Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Akash and Anjali grinned at each other, and high fived.

"Time for Bhabhi to return.
We've been eating such crap these past two days since she has been away. 
Damn that Arjun!!
Lucky bas***d!!
Eating bhabhi's delicious food!!
He called me yesterday and gave me a complete account of what he has been eating these past two days since Khushi bhabhi's been living with him.
The first thing I'll do when she returns is eat her lovely-lovely Paranthe."

And with that he fished out his phone and dialled Arjun's number.


"Let me go Arjun!!!
What the hell do you think you’re doing!!
I said let me go!!
Chote will go berserk if he found his business partner in such a compromising situation with his sister!”

"Last time I checked, romancing your own wife was not a crime. Well not in this country at least!", said Arjun, shamelessly nuzzling his mouth in Anjali's cleavage.

Anjali giggled and replied,
"Will you please get some perspective here!
Chore doesn’t know that I’m married to you!”
“I’ll handle your brother. I handle him in the boardroom, I’ll handle him here!” He said as he bit into her shoulder.

“Arjun!" she screamed as she ran away.

“You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love” he quoted Enrique as he ran after her.


Khushi was settled in her room next to Arnav's.
Arnav had signed her appointment letter and could not get rid of her now.

Akash sat beside her on the bed, happily gobbling down the Paranthe that Khushi had made on his request with loads of Pakoras.
"Seriously Bhabhi. You’ve got magical hands.", he said in awe. “I would’ve kissed them if it weren’t for Bhai. Plus I don’t think getting my ass kicked by Arnav Singh Raizada is a very good idea!”

Khushi giggled at her dewar's antics.
Akash was so cute!!

"Should I get you some more?"

Akash looked up at her with mouth still full of the Pakoras and nodded slyly.

Khushi laughed out very loudly at his expression and ruffling his hair said “I’ll just go and get them.” Leaving a very happy Akash behind. 

Why the hell do I smell Paranthas and Pakoras at this time of the day!

He wondered as he marched into the kitchen, shocked at the sight before him.

Akash and Arjun Singhania were happily sitting on the kitchen table, merrily gobbling down pakoras.

What the… What the hell is Arjun Singhania doing in my kitchen!

And that was when he saw who was making them.

The blood in his veins boiled as he took in the sight forth him.

It was none other than that despicable gold digger. How dare she set foot in his house!

They were laughing about something, and Khushi was giggling along, now serving them Jalebis.

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  1. omg this fic is just epic so far!! i just discovered it today ahh! so funny