Wednesday, 15 February 2012


"Oh! How I wish my wife could cook like you!!" Arjun stated histrionically, sighing as he shoved another pakora down his throat.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!", thundered a voice at the trio in the kitchen.

Both Akash and Arjun's hands halted in mid-air, and Khushi dropped the Parantha that she was about to give Akash.

Akash looked down at the wasted delicacy in dismay and stood up angrily to give his elder Brother a piece of his mind
"Now look what you’ve done! Is it really necessary for you to walk around like a caveman, and scream at the drop of the hat!” But as soon as these words left his mouth, Arnav glared at him with such murderous intensity that he sat back down again and said in a low voice, "That’s okay Bhai. Only the best cleansing agent is used to clean the floors in our house. I’ll make do." And that said, he quietly picked up the hitherto fallen parantha.

Arnav really couldn’t care about what ever silliness his brother was displaying. All he was concerned about was getting rid of Khushi Kumari Gupta.

"Inhe hum yahan laaye hain Chote", came Anjali's authoritative voice from behind Arnav.
Arnav turned around while Arjun and Akash sighed in relief.

This was not the Arnav who had been married to Khushi for three years. This was ASR.
"Par Di yeh..."

"Bas Chote!
Hum Khushi Ji ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi nahi sunenge.
Yeh aapki nayi secretary, aur intern designer hain, aur humari caretaker.
Agar ab aap ne inke yahan hone ke baare mein koi bhi halla muchaya, to hum aapse kabhi baat nahi karenge"

Arnav tried to argue with Di but his efforts were futile.
She won't listen to anything at all against her.

Pata nahin is ladki ne Di pe kya jaadu kar diya hai!
Jo Di is ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi nahin sunna chahtin!!
Isne zaroor ro dho ke Di ki sympathy collect kari hogi.
But he will not be fooled that easily.
He'll never let her succeed in her plans.

"Theek hai, aap ko jo karna hai kijiye."

With that said, Arnav gave Khushi a murderous glare and left.

The remnants of the kitchen looked at each other, and all moved to Khushi to console her.


Arnav entered AR surrounded by his entourage.

In long strides he covered the distance between the parking lot and his cabin, paying no attention to the greetings he received from his employees.
He instructed Pam and Aman to bring in the files of the projects they had been lately working on.

Everybody at AR had been informed about the situation earlier by Akash, and they were all very scared, cuz this was the old angry ASR.
After having met Khushi he had become quiet pleasant, but this old self of his was devil personified.

Aman and Pam nervously entered Arnav's cabin with the files that he had asked for.

Without glancing at the files they held out to him, he said
"Has Khushi Kumari Gupta reported to office yet?", Aman fumbled with his words and then finally managed to say

"No SSS...S...SSir"

Arnav looked up at Aman with angry eyes and said,
"Then call her!!
And make sure she is not payed for today since she is late!!
That ought to teach her a lesson about punctuality!!
And send her to my cabin the moment she comes!!"

That said, he dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

Pam smirked at what was about to happen with Khushi.
ASR had no recollection of her, and she'd make the most of it...
She won't let that behenji steal ASR away from her this time...

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  1. Is Payal going to be in this fic?I love her(sadly the writers of the show have decided to completely butcher her character on the show just to further Khushi and Arnavs story line! uggg!) love the great work your doing, off to read the next chapter!