Friday, 17 February 2012


He kissed her on the forehead as he gazed down lovingly at her sleeping form. Her naked beauty draped in his sheets, she looked every bit at home. He watched her snuggle deeper into the duvet, trying to make up for the warmth she had lost since he had gotten up.

Things were going to change. After today, all lies and ambiguity will cease to exist. After today, she’d be his. He’ll keep her close, right by his side, where she belonged. Glancing at her one last time, he closed the door behind him.


“Here are the documents you had asked for Mr. Raizada.” Said the lawyer at the registrar’s office as he handed Arnav Khushi’s marital documents. He opened the file, and read through the details.
His expressions changed from calm to confused, and finally to furious, as he shut the dossier and got up to leave.

Khushi shifted uncomfortably under Arnav’s murderous gaze. They had made love last night, and she wasn’t sure how he’d react to it. But then he had already left in the morning before she had gotten up, and could find out. But ever since he had returned home, he had been staring at her, with more than just rage in his eyes. His gaze was almost loathsome, bordering on a feeling of betrayal. She just couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. May be it was the fact that she had slept with him despite claiming to be his brother’s wife. But she was sure that he had felt a connection with her last night. The way he had looked at her, and reached out to here in his time of need. Bared his vulnerable soul to her to heal, healing her own bruised soul in the process. The way he had made sweet and gentle love to her, as if it was the most natural thing for him to do. Uttering sweet nothings into her ears, as he caressed her, and took her pain away. She was sure he had felt the bond that they shared, and known that they both belonged together. So what was wrong now? She’d speak to him and find out.

That was when Arnav flung his table napkin aside and stormed to his room. Her worry escalating by the minute, she left her own food as it was, and rushed after him.


He flung his tie aside and tore at the buttons of his waist coat angrily. Fighting for control, as his body trembled with fury. That was when he saw Khushi enter his room in a hurry, and he snapped.

“Is everything all right? What’s wrong? You look really tensed, did something…” But before she could go on, she was harshly pulled roughly by a pair of callous hands.

She clashed into his chest as he looked down at her with hatred stinging his eyes. his already painful grip getting hurtful by the second he shook her angrily.

“You bitch!” Khushi’s pupils dilated and she felt her gut wrench in pain at the address.
“You think you’re so smart don’t you? You’ve been sleeping with us brothers, manipulating us, so that you can get what I’ve built with my own hands. This empire, power and money that you’re lusting for Khushi Kumari Gupta, is the result of years of my hard work. I’ve invested my sweat and blood into this. So if you think that you can charm your way to the top, then you’re utterly mistaken. Though you’ve successfully managed to fool me once and acquire quiet a lot of money in the process, I assure you, that the property you’ve extracted from me won’t last you very long. And this little whelp that you’ve been carrying around in your womb, that you’re trying to pin on me and my brother by sleeping with us both, is not going to get this family’s name. I will not let you get your illegitimate child get a father on our account! Do you understand that! I will unmask you forth my family, take back my property, get you off my brother’s back, and then throw you out of this house.”

And with that said, he pulled her roughly by the arm, and threw her out of his room.

Khushi stood shaking, tears streaming down her face, as Arnav closed the door in her face.


  1. oh no...

    he has got it all wrong...

    1. o no arnav was doing wrong wid her....:( i ana cry:(

  2. this is ajoop,
    i really feel bad for kushi,hope arnav's misunderstanding is cleared soon,cant see kushi suffer both on tv and in your ff,please be kind to us and please clear the misunderstandings

  3. felt bad for kushi hope that arnavs misunderstanding will clear soon

  4. plz plz plz update ur udate
    plz plz plz update ur udate
    plz plz plz update ur udate
    plz plz plz update ur udate
    plz plz plz update ur udate

  5. for this part...:'(
    poor khushi. i feel like crying

  6. If i thought last update was amazing, this was a dhamakaydar one!
    Very interesting twist, because now he thinks that she's cheating on both brothers and just wants his property..

    Lets see how she deals with this and how he deals with her betrayal

  7. Oh shit!!
    Arnav has got it all wrong!!
    Feel really bad for Khushi!!
    I think its high time someone tells Arnav the truth!!
    Thank you so much for the pm!!


  8. Oh no what happened????? Things were finally getting better and then this!!!!!! These twists and turns are just too much to hoping you keep us hanging for too long and update soon!!!!

    many thanks for PM


  9. what? Did someone manipulate the records? Poor Khushi, isn't the stress little bit too much for her in this condition? Hope u update soon...he's in dire need of a flashback.....

    Thnx for PM

  10. What the hell is going on...
    i thought everthing was gonna be fine
    I'm really confused:<<<
    plz cont. soon and clear the air
    thanx for the pm.

  11. oh no.. dont stop here... pls update soon. he saw that she had the shares on her name thts y he might be upset right.. why isnt anyone tellin arnav. but he does know its his child rt..

  12. wow what was in that report? can't wait for you to update

  13. What the...???!?!? seriously.. what was in those Dossiers.. please please please continue soon..

  14. really wondering what was there in the documents...has some one changed the details??
    plzz clear his misunderstanding soon...cant see khushi in such a condition!
    amazing update...what a twist...really curious to read further..
    plz update soon :)


  15. Extremely well written :D
    Loved both the parts :D
    simply love ur writing style, vocab n especially the flow :)))))))

    The story is getting angsty n i love it :D
    thanx so much for the pm dear...please continue :)

  16. What the hell was in those reports!!!!!!!
    Mirna, you are making us beg for more updates hun!!!!
    So pls pls update soon!!


  17. Felt SOOOO Bad For Khushi :|

  18. noooo thats soo sad for kushi and worse he is pregnant...wonder who falsified the documents...
    nice going :)

  19. What the?! Mirna, how could you? I just watched today's episode and I feel like crying and now I read your update and feel like crying even more. Khushi can't catch a break. Loved the update though, very intense. Don't torture us for too long ok? CVs torture is more than enough Q_Q


  20. Oh God he's blowing hot and cold as ever..........

  21. Why Arnav why
    Poor Khushi
    Please update soon

  22. In the famous lines that ASR uses "What The....." okay was not expecting this reacting from him..........wat did he read in those documents?? oh callin his own flesh & blood illegimate...he is going to regret that.. because when he remembers all... though.. poor Khushi....... great update!!

  23. Just read all the's an amazing FF. Though you obviously wrote it before the current track, it connects so well with what's happened to Arnav in the show...he's forgotten the Khushi of the last few months rather than the years in your fiction! Really looking forward to the continuation...I wanna know what was in the file!!

  24. Oh sssshhh***** Is this because he saw the 6 month contract and assumed that that is as long as the marriage lasted as he had found out the truth about her and left her? NOooo!!