Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Several days had passed now.
Arnav had drowned himself completely in his work to forget what he had seen in Khushi's room a few days back. But no matter how much he tried, the erotic images always wound their way back into his head, be it day or night. He tried his best to avoid her, 'cause every time he'd look at her, he couldn't help but think about the delicious body that those clothes were wrapped around. And every time that she wore a sari, he went crazy with the desire to tear it off of her and show her the exact kind of treatment that a woman with her body deserved. Attend to those lush full breasts that teased him from beneath that flimsy blouse, and tease that flirtatious navel that peaked out from behind that transparent sari. Every time that she'd walk past him his entire body would grow taut with tension.

Khushi was working in the office only during the evening, since she had college in the morning.
She was doing her Bachelor's in Fashion Designing.

Akash had made sure that all the work that Arnav gave Khushi was taken care of by her assistant, and himself.
Since she was pregnant, he didn't want her to be stressed.
The only reason she came to the office was to look after Arnav.
Hence Akash had her arranged in the cabin between his and Arnav's. There cabins were separated by only a glass wall.

This way he could look after Khushi, and Khushi could keep a check on Arnav.


Arnav on the other hand was not at all happy with the way things were going with and around him.

He couldn't get rid of the constant awareness that he had regarding Khushi.
She occupied his thoughts at all times.
What she did, where she went, whom she met.
He was concerned about everything regarding her.

He felt a strange pull towards her, like destiny wanted them to stay connected.

He would keep calling her to his cabin, give her unnecessary tasks, and angry at himself for not being able to avoid her thoughts, would in turn scream at her all the time.

But that wasn't the only thing that irked him.

He also didn't like the camaraderie that Khushi and Akash shared.

He didn't like it at all.

Akash will be in Khushi's cabin half the time.
Be all concerned about her health, which apparently was delicate, as he had overheard Akash address it.
Even at home Akash will be around her at all times.

And then there was Arjun who'd be seen at the mansion almost every day!!
And you'd see him and Akash eating Khushi's food all the time, and praising it to no end.

And what troubled him the most was that it was troubling him!!!



Khushi called, now annoyed beyond limit.

It was time for Arnav's evening medicines, and everyday she'd send them to him via Pam since she couldn't go to give them to him herself.
And she'd watch through the slightly parted blinds, until she was sure he had had them.
This had become a daily routine now.

But today this Pam was nowhere to be seen.
So she marched out of her cabin, and strode towards the reception to enquire from receptionist.

"She's gone to the spa", the receptionist answered. 

I'll myself go and give him these medicines!!
Enough is enough!!
I'm his wife for Devi Maiyya's sake!!!
And dare he refuse to take these from me!!!
I'll throw him out of the house!!
And I don't need to give him a reason for that!!

And with that said, she marched up to Arnav's cabin and knocked.

"Come in"

"Sir your medicines"

Arnav looked up at Khushi with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Where's Pam?"

"She's gone out"

Keep them on the table"

Khushi complied.

After a few minutes Arnav again looked up from his work and gave Khushi a quizzical look.

"You haven't taken your medicines!"

"I'll take them!!
You've done your job, now leave!!!"

Khushi simply crossed her arms under her chest.
She was getting sick of his bossy attitude.

"I'll not leave until you take your medicines."

"So do you want me to throw you out of here!!"

Khushi's temper was rising with the passing seconds.

"Try me"
she said in a challenging tone.

Arnav snapped at this and got up, grabbing Khushi harshly by the arm.

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