Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Arnav was chopping his plants in anger, not caring about what he was cutting, stem, leaves or flowers. Not noticing how he was destroying the garden he had nurtured with his own hands.

He was unable to accept what Khushi had just told him.
Some part of him wasn't ready to believe her.

The pain he had seen in her eyes when she had said that.
As if she didn't want to, but still had to.

The thought of her being someone else's didn't agree with him.
And god only knew why he was so upset about it.

He ruined one plant after another, unable to contain the rage consuming him.

He didn't know why, but the idea of Khushi carrying someone else's child was tearing him apart. He felt almost betrayed. The fact that someone else had touched what should've been his and only his, wait, when was Khushi ever his!
He didn't know what was going on with him any more, all he knew was that this was all terribly wrong! Very, very wrong! A voice deep down in his being told him that something wasn't right.

He had to get to the bottom of this! The story she had told him was just not right! He could sense the falseness of it.


Pam had found out everything that had happened.
She had been standing at the front porch of RM when all the drama had commenced.

And now was the right time to make a move.
This was her chance to get back at Khushi for snatching Arnav away from her.

And strengthening her resolution, she knocked on Arnav's cabin.



Pam knew that he wouldn't believe her just like that.
So she had got proof.

She handed him AR's annual share holders' report. Arnav flicked through his company's ownership documents. It was clearly put down that Khushi Singh Raizada owned 40% of the shares, while Arnav Singh Raizada had only 30% under his name. Akash Singh Raizada and Dhruv Singh Raizada owned 10% each, while the remaining 10% were owned by the remaining board members.

"You see what she has done ASR. She has been at this these three years. The three years that you don't remember and haven't been told anything about. This is all her doing! First she broke up your and Lavanya's relationship, and then manipulated you into marrying her. Then soon after that she filed for divorce, and extracted these 40 % shares from as alimony. Now she has married Dhruv Sir, and is going to repeat her game with him. She is trying to steal the ownership of this company from you ASR.
God only knows whose child she's carrying, for all we know, it may not be a Raizada at all'", her voice trailed away at the murderous look that Arnav had just given her. She should probably just halt there for the time being. She could continue to poison his mind against Khushi later.

"Leave!", he whispered dangerously.

He looked at the wedding photographs that Pam had just handed him. Photographs that held proof of his and Khushi's wedding.

You aren't aware about your memory loss.
In fact, the entire family is trying to cover it up.
God only knows what lies Khushi must have woven to convince them into doing it.

I care about you ASR.
I couldn't keep the truth from you, that's why I thought it best to tell you everything.

and then she had gently caressed his hand, and left the cabin with a victorious smile.


As had already been said, Arnav Singh Raizada was no simpleton.
It wasn't that easy to lie to him, and then get away with it.

Long ago he had resolved to only believe in himself, not what others told him.
The result had been an over cautious and mistrusting man, who confirmed each and everything himself before believing it.
He read faces when they spoke to him, and analysed the speaker's each pause and expression, facial as well as vocal.

It wasn't wise to lie to Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi had tried the night before, and he had had his doubts.
And now Pam had made the same mistake, and Arnav didn't completely believe her either.

He could see the vicious look on her face, sense the deception in her voice, and note the desperation in her body language to convince him.
And why would she come and tell him all this about his and Khushi's marriage, when no one else had told him anything?!!
And then the way she had claimed to care for him and caressed his hand...
Neither had he missed the victorious sneer that had adorned her lips when she had walked away.

He was sure that there was some catch there.

He may have had an accident and lost 3 yrs of his life.
But that didn't make him an idiot as people around him seemed to think.
Everybody was lying to him.
His family, Khushi, Pam.
And all of his staff too, since no one had told him anything about his memory loss.
They obviously had instructions.

Hence he could not go and demand the truth from anybody.
He had to figure it all out himself...

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