Saturday, 25 February 2012


Her breasts arched into his chest as he kissed her passionately. Flesh on flesh, both their bodies burned as they couldn’t get close enough to each other. His fingers moved in and out of her warm moist depths, her thighs forced apart by his strong legs between them. Both her hands pinned to the bed above her head by one of his arms, while the other rocked back and forth between her legs expertly.
Her moans filled the room as he rubbed her nub torturously. Building up speed, and then slowing down again as he’d feel her come close to her climax. He repeated it, over and over again, not letting her come, driving her to the peak of ecstasy, only to bring her back down again.

Her rosy pert nipples rubbed against his hard brown ones, as their bodies created friction, sheathed in sweat. Freeing one of her hands from his vice like grip above her head, she grabbed hold of his hips, and pulled them right above her own. Then pulling his hand out of her vagina she grabbed his arousal and pushed it into her own aching hollows.

Arnav groaned as Khushi forced him into her aroused depths, and then flipped them over in that position so that she now sat on top of him. She came down on him as she sheathed his entire length into herself.
“Gosh! You’re so tight!” he roared as he watched her hip length ebony hair bounce gracefully as she came down on him again and again. While her full breasts and pink perky nipples bounced erotically. Unable to watch them spring with such brazenness, his hands shot out of their own accord and grabbed hold of them.

Khushi yelped as she felt Arnav squeeze her breasts painfully. His fingers rubbed her nipples vigorously as he massaged her wanton mounds carnally. She clutched his shoulders for support as his ferocious ministrations on her soft breasts left her breathless. Feeling exhaustion come over her, her speed declined and she found coming down upon him again and again very tiring.

Arnav groaned in frustration as he felt her reduce her speed. Feeling her tire, he decided to take charge and flipped her on her back. Then grabbing hold of the bedpost, he slammed into her carnally, extracting delicious yelps and moans from her.

“Oh god! Arnavv…” she shouted as his pace grew.
“Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder I said!” his rhythm changed and grew more hurried as expletives started to pour out of Khushi’s mouth.

“Oh yes! Pound into me harder! Oh god!...Yes! Like that!..” he felt his exhilaration tenfold at her brazenness. He had no idea that the docile little thing underneath him could talk so dirty.
“Oh god you’re so hard! It feels so good to have you inside me! Specially when you do that..oh yes!..”

He liked this Khushi. If this is how she could talk without encouragement, then imagine how she’d be with it.  
“You like that baby!...tell me what else you like…I’m your sex slave tonight…Tell me!” he commanded. “What else do you want me to do to you? Slap you, lick you, bite you, suck you! What?” he shouted.

Khushi cried out in pain as Arnav suddenly extracted his member from her tight depths right before she was about to come. “No!” she sobbed. “Come back to me! You can’t leave me!” her body jerked in agony at the sudden loss of warmth between her legs.

“What are you doing?” she whimpered.
“I’m going to punish you Khushi! I’m going to tie you up to this bed and torture you.” And with that he picked up her bra off the floor next to the bed and tied both her hands to the bed post with it.
She writhed underneath him in agony. Flush and sweat covering her naked body. She looked at Arnav imploringly.

“Now tell me what you want me to do to you. Tell me exactly what you want Khushi. Do you want me to fondle your breasts?” he asked, squeezing them hard, eliciting a sexy yelp from her. “Or do you want me bite them? And what do you want me to do here Khushi?” he said as he cupped her between her legs and gave it a gently squeeze, rubbing his entire hand against it. “Gosh you’re so wet baby!” he exclaimed.

“Take me Arnav!” she screamed in agony. “I need you to take me right now! I can’t wait! My body is aching for you! I want you hard and long inside me! Do me right now, I want to come for you!”

That was it! He could only take so much! Grabbing the bed posts once again he pushed her legs apart with his knees and slid into her. Rocking back and forth, slowly at first and then building up the pace till she was shrieking beneath him.

“Say my name!” he commanded her as he rammed into her harder than ever, shaking her whole body with the impact.
“Arnavvv..!” she managed breathlessly.

“Louder! Say it louder! I wanna hear you say it with every thrust I slam into you Khushi! Say my name Khushi! Tell me who you belong to!”

“Arnavvv…!” she screamed.

“Again! Say it again!” he shouted arrogantly as he pounded into her mercilessly.

“Arnav! Oh god Arnavvv..!”

“I said I wanna hear it every time I jam into you! So shout out my name!”

Arnavv..!...Oh yes..Arnav!...” her screams reverberated in the entire room as she repeated his name over and over again till they both came at the same time and collapsed into each other in a tangle of sweaty limbs as waves of ecstasy washed over them.` 


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    The way they started and how she took control and then the way he tortured her!
    I think he wanted to hear his name from her again and again because he wants to know that see only belongs to him!

    Well done. this was an amazing update!

    Lets see what happens in the morning and will the family know what they're up to after that much screaming haha

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