Thursday, 23 February 2012


Khushi was shaken out of her sleep as she felt a familiar warm body shake against her. As consciousness grew upon her, she realised that she was not alone in bed. A stout body was pressed against her back, and a strong arm was wound around her waist. Opening her eyes she saw the arm of her husband clutching her close to himself. But what the hell was he doing here?

Worried about what shape such a situation could take, she apprehensively ran her hand over his. “Arnav” She whispered.

He stilled as he felt her wake up against his frame. Then he felt her turn around in his embrace, and caress the arms holding her with her tiny hands.
“Arnav.” She whispered again. Her breath falling as a soft caress on his face. Her hands moving from his arms to his face, as she wiped the tears staining it.

She had felt the wetness before she had turned around to face him. It were the sobs raking his body against hers that had woken her up. His agony, his tears tore at her heart. The doctor had told them of the emotional turmoil that patients suffering from Amnesia went through. When things did not make sense, and refused to add up. When the heart clashed with the facts, when frustration turned into helplessness, and then agony.

“I can’t sleep.” He whimpered as he snuggled into her chest. “The dreams would just not stop.”

She clutched him tighter to her bosom. Stroking his hair as he sobbed into her chest.

“They are so frightening. Like something very bad is going to happen. And there’s nothing that I can do about it.”

“Shh…” she cajoled him. “Nothing bad’s going to happen Arnav. I’m here. I’ll not let anything bad happen. 

He raised his head to look down into her eyes. “Why didn’t you come to me all of last week? Why won’t you speak to me? Why won’t you even look at me?”

“I…” Khushi stammered for an answer. How was she supposed to answer that? What was she supposed to say? “I..I.. j..j..just…”

She looked up into his moist eyes, awaiting her reply. The helplessness she had been carrying ever since his accident escalated as she found herself at a complete loss for words to console him.

“You asked me to stay away from you.” She whimpered back. The vulnerability in Arnav’s eyes transformed into regret as he gazed back into the warm honey orbs of the angel beneath him. Tightening his hold around her, he hid his face back in her chest as he whispered “Don’t ever leave me. Please, don't ever do that. I say a lot of things Khushi, but you of all people should know that I don’t mean them. I don’t know what this is. This thing between you and me, I don’t know what it is.” His tears seeped through her nightdress. “But whatever it is, it has me tied to you like nothing else I have ever before experienced in my life. You plague my mind all the time. My eyes constantly seek your presence. My body yearns for your touch. I can’t sleep. I can’t think straight. Your absence drives like a wedge through my heart. And thinking of you with another man is like daggers stabbing through each and every inch of my body. So much so that I’ve been contemplating killing my own brother to make you mine.” He spoke as his arm tightened in a vice like grip around her.

“So no, I don’t know what it is that binds my entire existence to you. All I know is that I can’t live without you. And no matter what you say, and how much you try to push me away, I’m not letting you go to any Dhruv Singh Raizada. So tell me Khushi, why did you leave me? Why did you leave me for my brother Khushi?” his voice grew louder as he asked her accusingly.

Confusion coursed through her as she contemplated what he had said and had demanded of her. It was all so utterly twisted that she had no idea what form the whole situation had taken in his head. She did not know what he thought of the whole deal exactly. And neither could she divulge the details to him.

“I…I.. don’t …I d..d..don’t know..”

The accusation in his eyes turned to concern as he felt her tremble against himself.
“Hey…don’t cry. I can’t stand to see the tears in your eyes.” he whispered as he wiped the tears she didn’t know she had been shedding.
She felt his gentle fingers move like a feather over her face. Mirroring his actions, she held his face in her palms close to hers.

“It’s alright. You don’t have to answer those questions. Just don’t get upset. We can talk about it later.” He cajoled her and she silently nodded in response.

Bending down, he took her lips in a comforting kiss, his arms winding around her back to lift her against himself.

Khushi wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she kissed him back. They wiped each other’s tears as their arms and legs entangled with each other’s. 


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