Saturday, 3 March 2012


“Khushi Ji!...”
“Aahh…” she let out a blood curdling scream as he hauled her away from Arnav by her hair. Dragging her with a painful grip on her hair, he shoved her onto the carpet in the clearing of the living room.

Khushi!..” he screamed to pull her back to reality.

“Huh…!” she said, startled.
Arnav looked down in confusion at her terrified face. She had gone still, as if reliving a nightmare, and now a deathly pallor shrouded her face. She trembled in his arms as she now looked up at him with a horrified expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Her hold on his shirt grew tighter as she looked up at him in terror. He had been having flashbacks of perhaps the most terrible occurrence of their lives. That had taken her months of therapy to put behind herself. That she had completely forbidden herself to ever think about. She pulled herself closer into his embrace as she held onto him for dear life. Snuggling deeper into the warmth of his body, she told herself that it was all over. She was safe, she was with him. And never again will that poor excuse of a man pose her or her family a threat.

She was trembling uncontrollably in his arms as she clutched him closer to herself. No matter how many times he asked her what was wrong, she would just not speak up. The doctor had told him that the dreams were most probably flashbacks of some terrible event from the past three years of his life. And he was sure that Khushi was also present in his dream. Hence, recounting his dream to her must have reminded her of a certain terrible event of the past that had scared her so much. Whatever this was, this happening that this dream was about. It was definitely one of the goriest experiences of their lives. Why else would they scare them both so much? He was always distraught after these dreams, and by her reaction, she too obviously detested the memory. He’d pry the truth of it out of her, he just had to be careful about it. She was in a delicate condition, and stress wasn’t something he wanted to put her through.

Tilting her chin up to face him he peered into her tearing eyes and covered her mouth with his in a comforting kiss. She moaned against his mouth as she wound both her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Supporting her against himself with one of his arms around the small of her back, he ran his other through her long tresses. Increasing the pressure of his mouth on hers he gently nudged her lips apart and deepened the kiss.

She felt the painful memory leave her as Arnav continued to plant gentle kisses on her lips, consciously soothing her. He ran his tongue along her lower lip, gaining entrance into her mouth. He nibbled on it, sucking on it simultaneously. His left arm still around her waist, he let his right hand slip through the fabric of her blouse and cup her breast. She moaned as he massaged her breasts in gentle circular strokes, pinching her nipples occasionally, eliciting yelps of arousal from her.

“Ar…Arnav…” she spoke breathlessly as she tried in vain to break away from him. “We have to stop. Oh god..!” he pulled her flush against himself as his lips now worked on hers carnally. She tried to shove him away.
“You’ve got tha…that meeting at eleven…oh..!” he had now taken her breasts in his mouth and was sucking on them feverishly.

“With…with Nitu Kumar…!”

“Screw Nitu Kumar!” he groaned as he drew pleasure from her sweet mounds.

“Khushi Bhabhi! There’s a call for Arnav Bhaiyya from his office.”
Arnav went stumbling back as Khushi gave him a hard shove and ran to hide behind the kitchen counter and fix her dishevelled state. He turned around and glared at Hari Prakash who had entered as soon as Khushi had hidden herself. Snatching the phone out of his nervous hands he fixed a deathly cold stare on him, virtually asking him to get out.

“What the hell Aman!” he screamed into the receiver.


“What!” he screamed at Akash who continued to gape at him from across the table in the conference room. Ever since he had reached the office Akash had been gaping at him and then giggling all to himself. Deciding that his brother had finally lost his marbles, he shook his head and continued to read what he had been reading all that while.

“You know what Bhai.” Arnav jumped in his seat, startled as he suddenly found Akash in the seat next to him.
“I talked to Dhruv last night.”

Arnav stiffened at the name. Not that he didn’t like talking about his little brother, but he wasn’t just his brother anymore. He was also Khushi’s alleged husband.

“What about him?” he spoke gruffly.

Akash eyed him slyly as he continued. “Well, he just mentioned how much he had been missing Khushi Bhabhi. And that he had been contemplating taking her to our island near the Andamans for a nice holiday. Where he could have her all to himself for, you know what.” He spoke as he winked at his brother.

The mirth at his crude joke had barely settled in when the loud noise of furniture being thrown caught him off guard and he found himself shoved against the wall and Arnav’s vice like grip like a noose around his throat. Akash struggled to breathe through Arnav’s throttling hold on his neck while he fearfully gazed into his murderous eyes.

Aman and a few other staff members rushed to them to pry them apart before Aranv choked his own brother to death. His grip unyielding, the blood in his veins boiled as what Akash had had the audacity to suggest pulsed through his being.
Akash fell to the ground gasping for air as the struggling Aman managed to save him from ASR’s wrath.

“Don’t ever dare talk about her like that again. And tell Dhruv that if he dared to as much as lay a finger on her I’ll kill him with my own two hands.” He spoke with a deadly finality as he turned around and stormed out of the conference room shouting profanities.

Akash thanked the stars that he was alive. Poking the bear hadn’t turned out to be such a good idea after all.


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