Saturday, 3 March 2012


“Nobody was even back home yet and you called me over! I had to leave the house to the servants Arnav, with no one to supervise!” Khushi complained as she stirred her tea. Arnav had called her a couple of hours post leaving home for work, asking her to meet him at Rubeena’s Bistro. They had been sitting here for a good half an hour now and he hadn’t said a word. She wondered why he looked so grave.

“Penny for your thoughts Mr. Raizada?”

He looked up into her beautiful face. “You’re glowing.”

“That’s what you called me here for Arnav? To tell me that I’m glowing! And just so you know, it’s a pregnancy thing. Women glow when they’re pregnant.”

He smiled at her banter. It soothed all his stress away. There were a number of things that he wanted to ask her. Explanations he wanted to demand of her. But recalling how helpless and grief stricken she had looked when he had brought it up the night before didn’t let him probe the subject again.

“I wanted to talk about the baby.” He spoke changing his train of thought.

Her eyes widened like giant saucers and a slow, radiant smile lit up her lovely face. “What about the baby?”

“Have you thought of any names?” he asked returning her smile.

“Well we had decided that if we had a boy we’d name him Abhay, and if we had a girl, Lavanya.” She chirped back at him.

His heart swelled with warmth as he heard her address the baby as their. He took both her hands in his as he squeezed them gently. “And why is that?”

“Because Lavanya was your ex and Abhay was mine.”
Arnav’s eyes narrowed at her as he heard about her ex-boyfriend.
“We’re scrapping those names. They’re silly.” He spoke thickly.

Khushi threw her head back and laughed her heart out.
“Oh god Arnav! You’re so typical! I was just messing with you!
We both love Lavanya, ‘Cause not only was she your girlfriend but is also a very, very good friend of the both of us. Hence, the name. And Abhay was my Babuji’s name!”

Arnav’s face reddened in embarrassment.

“Awww… my baby is blushing!” she cooed as she continued to laugh.
“Relax Arnav! I’ve never had a boyfriend. In fact, now that I come to think of it, you were also not my boyfriend. What with your hot now, cold now attitude, we were together and yet not committed. And before I knew it, even married! Though you did do a lot of wooing once you realised your mistake and I had already left you. But no need to panic. You’re the only man I’ve ever had in my life.” She finished as she ruffled his hair playfully.

He heaved a sigh of relief as the words coming from her mouth soothed his disturbed soul. He had been on an edge ever since Akash had reminded him of Dhruv sharing a relationship with Khushi. He was dying to question Khushi himself, but could not as he knew that it’d upset her. He just knew that no matter what the facts were, Khushi was his. And he’d be damned if he let anybody else walk into the middle of this. He never really did give social norms a lot of weightage. She clearly wanted to be with him. And that was enough for him to consider this relationship official.

“Want some ice-cream?”
She nodded her head vigorously in response, much to his delight.

The Raizada family was seated around the dining table as they roared in laughter at Akash’s account of his lame attempt at amusement.

“Serve’s you right for messing with his already confused head like that.” Arjun smirked at his best friend cum brother-in-law.

“You think this is funny! He had me hoisted in the air against the wall by my neck for crying out loud! I could’ve suffocated to death!”

“But you unfortunately didn’t.”
“Stop it Arjun! And Akash, that really wasn’t the wisest thing to do! Chote is already so disturbed with the current turn of events, and then going ahead and messing with him like that in his present condition is barbaric. Finally he and Khushi are beginning to get along again. We should…”

“Oh come on Di! They are doing a lot more than just ‘Getting along’!”
Akash added in a huff.

Another bout of laughter followed as they all remembered how they had been unceremoniously awakened out of their slumbers in the middle of the night by the most scandalous noises coming from Khushi’s room. The entire household was up within minutes and desperately trying to drown out the screams that were echoing in the entire house.
Nani, Mami and Mama had rushed out of the house immediately, chanting the name of Lord Ram and Krishna under their breaths. While Anjali, Akash and Payal looked constipated as they covered their ears in a futile attempt to not listen to Khushi screaming for Arnav to apparently pound into her harder and Arnav telling her how he was going to torture her, only to have Khushi scream out his name again and again. They had then finally followed the elders outside and had all decided to stay the night and the following morning at the farm house. Leaving in a chaise and four, they had vaguely informed the security guards of their plans before the noises from Khushi’s room scarred them for life.

“Did they really have to be so loud though?” Mami quipped in.
“Manorama!” Nani warned her.

“No Dadi! Ma is right! I mean there are other people living in this house as well! And what’s wrong with Bhai? He clearly thinks that Khushi Bhabhi is married to Dhruv, then how the hell can he indulge himself in such immoral activities!”

“Chote never really was one to abide by the rules. Thank god they are married!” Nani exclaimed with a scandalous expression on her face.

Akash was lost in thought when he suddenly spoke up.

“Di, do you remember how Bhai used to play all those practical jokes on us when we were young.”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I think it’s time for him to payback.” He spoke, his mouth stretching into an evil smirk.


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  12. aww that was such a sweet update! He called her up for coffee and he said that she's glowing and they actually talked as if nothing happened! And Khushi confessed that Arnav has been the only man in her life to which Arnav was too happy!Brilliant. So definitely no soundproofed rooms in this RM!!

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