Sunday, 4 March 2012


He lay awake while she slept in his arms peacefully. Her scent calmed down his erratically beating heart. No matter how much he rationalised it to himself, he was still afraid of what would happen if Dhruv was to return. Would she leave him again and go back to his brother. Or would Dhruv forcefully take her away from him ‘cause she was legally his wife? His hold on her tightened in fear. Fear of losing the woman who had become his world. The woman who he knew he couldn’t live without. He nudged her awake as the need to possess her once again overtook his being.

Khushi opened her eyes groggily, disoriented from her sleep. He pulled at the strings of her salwar as he hurriedly nudged it out of the way. Then pulling her panties down to her knees he got rid of his trousers and parting her legs, plunged into her.

Khushi yelped in pain as she felt him drive into her without any foreplay. Realising her discomfort he began to move in and out of her slowly. The slow thrusts eventually had her lubricated enough and she began to moan. He caressed her thighs to ease her of any discomfort he may have caused her.

“Say my name Khushi.” He whispered into her ears.

“Ar…ahh…Ar…Arnavv…” she moaned.

Hearing his name from her mouth in a passion filled haze calmed down the insecure monster raging in his chest and he bent down to take her mouth in a possessive kiss.

“I…I love you Khushi.” He confessed as he continued to penetrate her moist warm depths again and again in slow, sensual thrusts.
“I…I oh…I you too…” she stammered back at him.

“Tell me you’ll never leave me Khushi.”
“I’ll never leave you.”

“Tell me that you belong to me.”
“I…I belong to…”

“Keep saying my name Khushi.”

He kept demanding reassurances from her as he continued to move through her tight folds for hours, penetrating her depths and then drawing back. Letting her sheathe him over and over again only to retreat, not building up enough speed for either of them to reach their orgasms. Drawing pleasure from the friction that they created as they rubbed into each other. She kept whispering his name over and over again through the night while he kept thrusting into her repeatedly.

Hours later, they lay spent in each other’s embrace. One of his hands rubbing the sore organ between her thighs, trying to sooth it of the pain hours of love making had caused her. He rested his head in the crook of her neck as he held on to her vagina possessively. Her thighs trembled at the intrusion, but he only cupped it gently, refusing to let go.

She touched his arm, looking up at him imploringly to let go.

“I’m not going to let go Khushi.” He stated in a matter of fact tone.

She sighed in defeat at his stubbornness. She knew he wouldn’t listen to her. A tear slipped down her cheek as her body ached, and she tried to control the quivering in her body at this constant assault.

Finally feeling secure, he closed his eyes as he slipped into a peaceful slumber.

Khushi was in agony. In her condition she did not have the energy to cope with Arnav’s demands. Though he had been gentle, the hours of continuous love making had worn her out and she was very sore. Her back ached, and the violation of her personal space was causing her even more discomfort. But she had to do this. He was going through a difficult phase, and she had to do everything in her power to keep him sane. Amnesia patients if not treated with enough love and tenderness could go insane. And the kind of hot head her husband had, it was of prime importance that his demands were met and he was not agitated. She knew that a thousand things were going on in his mind. Things were muddled up and he was trying to put them all together, with not much success. He was insecure about a lot of things, her being one of them. And she had to let him know that she belonged to him alone. Let him know that her body and her soul were to his disposal at all times, to hurt or to love. His grip on her tender organ tightened as she moved to make herself more comfortable. For now she was contented with the fact that he slept peacefully.

Morning came. And with it came the sunshine that filtered through the panoramic windows and gently fell on the two lovers snuggled into each other’s embrace. Arnav opened his eyes as the sunlight nudged him awake. Glancing down at the lovely creature that lay in his arms, he felt satiety enfold in his chest. He caressed her face while he planted kisses on her bare shoulder.

Khushi’s eyes fluttered open as she felt Arnav rub his nose against her cheek.

“Good morning” she whispered to him with a smile.
“Good morning” he whispered back.

She tried to get up when her aching muscles blew their trumpet, causing her to fall back to the bed with a yelp.
His body stiffened as he heard her yelp and worry flooded his being.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright? Is something wrong with the baby? Khushi dammit tell me what happened!”
“It’s, it’s nothing.” She spoke as she tried to keep the pain out of her voice and expression.

“What do you mean it’s nothing! You can’t even get up!”

“I mean, it’s nothing serious Arnav. I’m just a little sore from last night. It’ll ease down in some time.”

Guilt flooded him as he realized that he had hurt again.
“I’m such an idiot! You stay put I’ll go and call the doctor.” He spoke as he slipped out of the bed and hastened towards the coffee table where his phone lay.

“No. Arnav, I don’t need a doctor.” She called after him. Seeing him pay her no attention she struggled to get out of the bed to stop him. Gathering the sheets around herself she grimaced as she stood up. Her entire body was shrieking out of agony.

She felt the room spin as she took two steps in his direction. Her legs wobbled as her knees gave away beneath her, and she collapsed only to be caught by a pair of strong familiar arms just in time.

“Are you insane Khushi! I told you to stay put! Can’t you ever follow my instructions! You’re impossible Khushi Kumari Gupta!” he reprimanded her as he scooped her up in his arms and laid her down on the bed.

“It’s Khushi Singh Raizada.” She whispered as her blood pressure became normal again. He sighed at her cheekiness. She was so full of life all the time. No matter how much pain she was in, she’d never complain.

“I hurt you again.” He spoke in a guilt laden voice as he hugged her to himself. “I’m so sorry!”

She ran her hands through his hair while stroking his back. “I’m fine Arnav. These things happen. If anything, it just talks about how passionate you are, and what a good time we have in bed.” She joked 
trying to get his mood to lighten up.

“Why do you always forgive me Khushi? Why can’t you be mad at me for once? You’re pregnant. I should’ve been more careful! But I was just so disturbed last night, I didn’t realise that I was hurting you. I’m so sorry! I…I know that I'm suffering from Amnesia. I’ve forgotten stuff that has happened in these past three years, and no matter how hard I try, things just won’t get in control! And I keep hurting you again and again. I’m just so…”

“Shh… I know. I know what you’re going through. And you don’t have to worry about hurting me, I can endure any amount of pain for you Arnav. Besides, if I won’t take care of you then who will? What you need to understand is that there is absolutely no need to be insecure when it comes to me. I am only yours, and I’m not going anywhere. No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you. I know that there are a lot of things that you’re confused about right now. But you just have to trust me and leave things be. Do not beat yourself up because the facts don’t add up perfectly. Just let things take their own course and ease into them. You have to give this time. I cannot disclose too much information to you cause that will put unnecessary load on your brain, something that you won’t be able handle right now. So just take it easy and don’t think too much. Can you do that for me?”

He nodded at her as he snuggled back into her embrace. Her presence was enough to drive all the demons away.


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